4 Things To Consider When Updating Your Kitchen

Things Consider Updating Kitchen

A beautiful kitchen is the focal point of any home and a major selling element when it comes to moving. Be mindful that not all kitchen upgrades are created equal before you rush to the next showroom to start perusing all the enticing choices for a remodel. If you’re contemplating a kitchen remodel or getting ready to sell your home, here are a few upgrades that always provide a return on investment.

And a Kitchen Island

According to real estate investor and home flipper Donald Olhausen, installing an island in the kitchen is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Olhausen suggests that kitchens with islands, which give more work and storage space, may seem much larger. It’s also a very safe investment since it’s on-trend and won’t go out of style soon.

Fix up the kitchen by updating or repainting the cabinetry.

To add value to a kitchen, Olhausen recommends updating the cabinets. If you want to transform your kitchen’s look completely, Olhausen recommends starting with the cabinets and working your way out. Buyers nowadays generally prioritize storage space and choose aesthetically beautiful cabinets.

Make Home Appliances Better

Old, broken appliances are a leading cause of kitchen remodeling and home relocations. Most of us spend too much time in our kitchens, says Liz Walton, design leader and CEO of full-service luxury interior design firm Liz Walton Home, to put up with faulty appliances. According to Walton, the presence of commercial-grade equipment in the kitchen is a major selling point for potential buyers of your home. He recommends purchasing high-quality equipment now so that you may reap the benefits of perfectly cooked meals for years to come.

Replace the counters

Twenty years ago, black counters with flecks of color were all the rage. Quartzite and porcelain counters in neutral colors like white or light gray have been on trend for at least a year and may help you give your kitchen a more up-to-date look. We don’t care how outdated our kitchen counters are when we buy houses in Louisville, because always see the potential for transforming it into a modern and functional space. According to Walton, doing any of these things will immediately modernize your kitchen and make it more appealing to potential buyers. You’ll save money on maintenance costs and have more cash on hand when the time comes to sell.

In most cases, replacing countertops with imitation marble is more cost-effective than utilizing real marble. Like Walton, De Jong believes cheaper alternatives provide the same results. Quartzite is an example that she provides.

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