Thinking About Buying an Electric Car? Here’s What You Should Know

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Is it time for you to ditch your diesel or gas engine for an electric one?

Motorheads will give you tons of different opinions, but it all comes to what suits you better…

Here’s everything you need to know before deciding to sell your old car to go electric.

Are internal combustion engines going extinct?

Let’s get our calculators out and do the math on this one…

Ten years ago, electric cars formed up 1% of all the cars on the streets. But now, in 2021, electric cars reach a whapping 5% of all the cars in the world…

Yes, it’s a small number when you look at it, but considering the fact that this happened between 2018 and 2020, this is a crazy increase!

As technology advances, the value of cars going electric is dwindling and becoming more and more affordable.

As technology advances, the value of cars going electric is dwindling and becoming more and more affordable.

And if we continue on with this rate, we’re looking at a percentage of more than 75% by 2030!

Find out for yourself here.

There’s also the fact that governments are supporting the change and that many big names in the car making industry are going fully electric. You only need to look up the tons of ads out there!

Yes, it’s looking good for electric cars.

How Far Will it Take You?

On a single charge, you’re looking at 200 to 490 Km. It highly depends on the car.

But on average, a gas-powered car will give you about 480 Km with a full tank.

So… yes, some electric cars are right up there when it comes to distance, and the numbers are increasing as technology does the same.

But does it charge fast enough for you to not worry?

A common misconception amongst everyone is the time an electric car takes to recharge.

It depends on the battery size… for instance, you have your Nissan Leaf with its 30 kW battery and a 22 kW charger that can give you a full battery in only 90 minutes. You also have bigger battery sizes of 150 kW and more seeing more use on the streets. But technology always compensates for that with fast chargers that can give you a full battery in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind, electric cars can be charged from home. This saves you the time you need to spend to take your good old gas car to the gas station when you can recharge it overnight.

Will it drive as good as the gas-powered you’re used to?

In some aspects, an electric car is even better than a gas-powered car.

You can get better acceleration from any electric car on any day. That’s because you can get your full horsepower exactly at the moment you need it. An electric car engine takes power from your battery, which has a certain amount of kWs it can give you the second you hit the “gas pedal.” On the contrary, an internal combustion engine will only give you similar acceleration rates after it hits a certain rpm (meaning it takes a specific amount of time to kick-off).

However, when you talk speed, gas cars can definitely give you higher speeds on the highway. When the road is long, you’re better off driving a gas or diesel car to get there faster.

To sum it up, if you’re driving inside the city for short distances and making many stops, an electric car is more optimal for you when it comes to acceleration and speed.

Will, it Cost You More?

Many people think that an electric car comes with a heavier price tag, but this is not true anymore.

Technology has resolved that problem.

But this depends on where you are from. Because costs and taxes vary between countries… for instance, if you were in a European country, you’re definitely saving big money if you’re going green. That’s because of the incentives the European governments are putting into this transformation. But in general, the car price gap between electric and internal-combustion is getting smaller by the second.

How About Maintenance?

Electric is definitely the better option when it comes to maintenance costs…

First and foremost, you’re using cheaper fuel. You don’t need to change engine oil, coolant, or transmission liquids.

And due to the regenerative braking system in the electric models (which uses the car’s own kinetic energy against its movement), you’ll be changing fewer braking pads.

Needless to say, when it comes to changing the battery, it’ll cost you a huge chunk of your bank account. However, the costs of an electric car battery are plummeting as technology advances, and you will be needing to replace the battery in 10 years. Seems like a fair deal, doesn’t it?

All this means that even the more expensive electric cars are cheaper than their fuel equivalent in the long run.

Should You Go for it?

Whether you plan to sell the old car and trade it in for a new one or keep both – Well, that’s a decision only you can make…

But now you know better, and can make a more knowledgeable decision according to your own circumstances.

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