5 Tips for Better Horse Clipper and Blade Care in Winter

Horse Clipper Blade Care in Winter

As winter approaches us, this is the ideal time to begin the clipping process for your horses. Especially, because this is the time when their winter coats are fully ready. However, this may vary from horse to horse.

Not only do the winters increase the number of resources your horses consume but also the amount of effort you need to put into taking care of them.

That is why winters are one of the busiest times in the life of a horse owner. While we are certain that you must’ve taken care of everything else that you need to do for your horse, we are here to specifically talk about grooming.

If you are preparing to give your horse a good grooming session or a few grooming sessions over the winter, you need to have the perfect horse clippers. If your old ones aren’t working as well as they used to, then maybe you can get a new one as a Christmas gift for your horse!

However, whether you use your horse clippers all year round or only during the winter, it is essential to care for the clippers and the blades that you use! Therefore, we have brought you 5 simple horse clipper and blade care tips to use this winter!

1. Oil Your Blades

Oiling your blades is an important part of the grooming process as it helps you clip your horse seamlessly and without a lot of effort.

Ideally, it is advisable to oil the clipper every 5 to 10 minutes during the clipping process, and regularly otherwise to prolong the life of your clipper. Not only does this make the process easy but also prevents the clippers and blades from rusting and debris.

However, you also need to ensure that you are using the best clipper oil available to you, or else you might just end up damaging the clipper further. 

2. Keep Your Blades Sharp

As mentioned before, your need to oil and sharpen your blades regularly to prevent your horse from getting hurt during the grooming session.

Before clipping, it is absolutely essential to ensure that your blades are sharp and not at all damaged. Sharpen them on a regular basis regardless of how often they’re used to get the best results.

You also need to be careful about not dropping them and storing them in a safe place to prevent them from damage that can ruin the blade and thus the clipping experience.

3. Clean Your Horse Before Clipping

This is an extremely important step that can make or break your horse grooming session. If your horse’s coat is wet and filled with dirt, using the clipper on it can severely damage the machine. 

Make sure you thoroughly clean your horse’s coat before you begin clipping to avoid damage to the horse and to prolong the life of your horse clippers.

A smoother coat can help you complete your horse grooming process without any hassle or damage, making it easier for the horse as well as the clipper.

4. Regularly Clean your Clippers

Here’s an obvious one, you might think! However, there are many who fail to do so and end up cutting down their horse clippers’ lives significantly.

Regardless of how often you use them, regularly cleaning your clippers will not only preserve your horse clippers’ life but also make the clipping process faster.

You also need to ensure that you clean your clippers every few minutes even while clipping to remove the hair stuck on them during the process. This keeps the grooming smooth and safe for both the horse and the groomer.

5. Turn Them Off When Not In Use

Now, this is pretty simple, but well, you’d be surprised to know how many people mistreat their clippers. Nevertheless, you need to remember to always turn off your horse clippers when not in use.

Once completely done using the machine, disconnect the plus, remove the blades, remove all hair and safely preserve them in their designated case.

To Sum It Up…

Now that you know all about horse clippers and blade care, you can follow these simple tips and ensure that your horse clippers last longer and function better.

Not only will this help you be a better groomer but also save you a lot of money in repairs and replacing clippers regularly.

We hope these tips will help you take better care of your clippers and blades and that you are able to give your horses the grooming sessions they deserve.

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