Tips to Create Real Estate Videos for Social Media

Real Estate Videos for Social Media

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or just a regular real estate marketer, you understand how crucial it is to keep up a powerful, credible, and alluring presence for your target audience. It is crucial to market your company effectively and look for ways to outdo your rivals in such a cutthroat field that is so close to home.

Are you aware that 73% of sellers prefer to work with firms that employ real estate video marketing? In order to find the right buyers and sell their properties, sellers expect their agents to use video marketing, whether a walkthrough of the property or a question and answer session.

Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as it might seem.

Why Should You Create Real Estate Videos for Social Media?

Real estate videos serve two purposes: they draw buyers to your listing and persuade potential sellers to pick your agency over that of your rivals.

You might believe it will be a waste of resources given the state of the market. Let’s examine what the data indicates.

  • Buyers believe that video tours are the most persuasive content on an agency website, according to 46% of respondents.
  • Up to 403 percent more people watch real estate videos than other content.
  • Real estate videos will increase your qualified lead generation by about 60%.

What Equipment Do You Need to Create High-Quality Real Estate Videos?

To ensure that the videos are high quality and not pixelated or blurry, you will first need a camera that can shoot in 4K or HD. A smartphone works, too.

  • If you decide to use a camera to create a high-quality real estate video, make sure it can record both high-quality video and still images. Before the big day of filming, practice using the camera to get the most out of the setup.
  • Afterward, you’ll require lighting filters. Finally, a stabilizer like a selfie stick or gimbal will probably be necessary.

Effective Tips To Create A Real Estate Video

  • Make an advance plan for your angle so that everyone could watch all the sides and corners of the room.
  • Keep Your Real Estate Video Ad Brief and Sweet, i.e., limit it to five minutes or less
  • Offer an Interesting House Tour
  • Concentrate on Unique or Special Features
  • Implement interactive elements
  • Sell additional items besides the property, such as the neighbourhood and way of life.
  • Create trust by using testimonials
  • Strategically Promote Your Videos
  • Utilize the potential of 360-degree video
  • Capture ariel’s view through a drone camera


Real estate videos give marketing for homes a completely new perspective. You can make your property come to life or convince potential clients that you are the best option with the right editing tools, a keen eye for detail, and some enthusiasm.

One more thing to keep in mind. With a smartphone, you can create a professional-looking, clear, and interesting real estate video.

You can use all the above-mentioned tips to make your videos much more attractive and appealing to customers.

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