Tips to Design a Bedroom of Your Dreams

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Tips-Design-Dream-BedroomDesigning your room can be both fun and challenging at the same time. Since there is a lot of emotional value attached to it, you want to control every aspect of the design process as much as possible. It is only natural that you want your room to look bright and cheerful. However, what you actually want for your room may not always work together. So, to avoid feeling disappointed and lost, here are some things that you can consider when designing your room.

Start working in an empty room

The best way to get started on your bedroom project is to empty it of all its adornments and look at it with a clear perspective. You should first start with the bedroom wall colour, then move on to windows, light fixtures, and in the end, add the furniture. Small decor accessories should be the last one to be fitted. It is always better to work your way top to bottom, starting with big things and then moving on to smaller items.

Avoid buying a furniture set

When you invest in a furniture set, you feel compelled to stuff all the pieces together in your bedroom. If you want to avoid being in that situation, look for standalone pieces so that you get more creative freedom. The best place to buy bedroom furniture is online where you can browse a wide collection and even use their online tools to see how they will look like in the room of your size. Make use of these tools to get an accurate idea about the furniture you are about to buy. They are fairly realistic and helps you choose the right pieces for your bedroom as per size and placement. Your bedroom décor should be unique and have a character that shouldn’t look like something you put together in a rush. The design should organically fall into space to make the room look more natural.

Go easy on the theme

If you want to follow a décor theme, it is a good idea as long as you follow it in moderation. For example, if you want to use a metallic colour, keep it minimal, and avoid the urge to go overboard with it. Not the following moderation will make your room look too glossy and will overpower the rest of the décor. So keep it subtle to give every décor element some breathing space.

Don’t rush

The most important factor to consider when designing your room is to give it time to come together. Don’t rush into buying furniture or décor items. Assess your room through stages and then introduce items along the design process. Each piece in your room has to live for a very long time. Therefore, make sure you pick items that have the quality of timelessness and can be easily edited over time when you want to change the way your room looks!

Be careful with whites

If you want to paint your walls white, then make sure you choose the right shade of white. Did you know there are thousands of variations in white alone? You can either take swatches or paint board in the white of your choice and take it around the room to see how it looks with the lighting.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

What makes good home decor great is the personalization. For instance, paint your dresser in bright colours or add an accent wall with floor lamps, ceiling lights to set the mood or a shelf of houseplants. Just experiment with different elements to see what works.

Speaking of experiments, don’t shy away from using a splash of colours. Too many neutral tones will make your bedroom look dull. Accent colours can be in the form of throw pillows, curtains, etc. A little bit of colour without going overboard will go a long way in breaking the monotony.

Make your decor rounded

A room has plenty of sharp edges as it is. The best way to smoothen the look is by adding décor accessories with rounded corners such as a round coffee table, an ottoman, or rounded rugs, etc.

Use area rugs

Rugs add an extra layer to the room and give you a sophisticated look, a pop of colour, texture, and pattern. They are a perfect little addition that can transform the way your room looks and feels.

Some homes are so effortlessly beautiful. You know why? Because they have been designed with care and thought. All these tips will give you a headstart in planning the perfect, personalized space that you can call your own. Take time to design your room and have fun with the process. But most importantly, add your personality to the room!

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