Top 5 Flowering Plants for This Summer Season in India

When we talk of India as a land of colour & diversity the bold, bright & beautiful flowers deserve a special mention. However, we are not amongst those countries where extreme summers are delighted by its people. Particularly when we talk about several parts of north India including the capital city where summer months are getting warmer than ever. The global warming effect has reached the cooler places such as Himachal, Uttarakhand & Jammu & Kashmir as well. To overcome global warming, planting trees to make your surroundings green is the best remedy and if we plant more and more flowering plants, it will surely give some soothing effect & cheer to our eyes in the harsh & searing heat of summer.

In this way, regardless of whether you are a home gardener or simply searching for the best plants for your home, add a burst of colours with below given flowering plants to your garden.


1. Dahlia

This ruling plant of summer outshines all other popular varieties of plants. Dahlia keeps blooming all summer & its abundantly dark-petaled flowers are undoubtedly attractive & showy but not fragrant. Depending upon its bloom size, colour, and form there are numerous varieties of Dahlia. The crimson spiky brilliant crimson red variety of Dahlia can perk up your summer canvas. It can be planted in a container or directly in soil.

2. Bougainvillea


It is one of the most common plants that can be seen everywhere from side trails of roads to gardens & Indian houses. They demand the least attention, however, a lot of room to spread & grow erratically. The real flowers of this plant are hidden in three showy papers like structures (bracts). The full sun of summer bolsters its development. They can also be grown in hanging baskets or in topiary. This plant requests just water and fertile land to offer magenta-pink, purple, yellow & deep orange bracts to spread everywhere.

3. Madhu Malti – Combretum Indicum


This vigorously growing & profusely flowering perennial plant requires the least of maintenance. It is otherwise known as Chinese honeysuckle. During the initial stages, this plant is tender, however, gets woody once matures. It is a very common plant to cover fences & walls of your garden. The spectacularly orchestrated bunches of pink, white, and dark maroon flowers in pendant racemes along with lush & fresh green foliage will give a treat of freshness to your eyes every day. It is an excellent choice to cover pergolas at the entrance of your home to give your passageway an artistic touch.

4. Gloriosa Daisy


Belonging to one of the largest plant families in the world this plant is known for its purity & innocence. Technically daisies are two flowers in one. This is another common yet cheerful flowering plant in India. The heart-warming blooms of this plant are terrific for cutting. Alone or in combination with any other flowers they would look great in any sort of vase. The phrase created “fresh as a daisy” is undoubtedly true to their character.

5. Sunflower


A flowering plant that looks remarkable either in fields or in your garden sunflower is one of the short-listed plants by home gardeners. It requires relatively low maintenance and is easy to harvest. There are further many varieties of sunflowers such as single-stem sunflowers and multiple-branching sunflowers. The classic golden yellow petals with dark brown centers or lemon-hued petals with green centers are a favorite of everyone for their graceful blooms. These beautiful flowers have a long vase life of 7-10 days as well.

India is no more a place that is known for just villages now. A Number of people living in apartments are growing and not everyone is blessed with a personal garden. However, an ever-increasing number of individuals are drawn towards the idea of terrace gardens by adding herbal & flowering plants. Like other nations, in India also many individuals are now buying and gifting plants online. Gifting your recipient with a long-lasting living bouquet or a flowering plant with a short-lived bouquet will add color, aroma, and better health to their life for an extended period.

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