Coolest Electric Vehicles

The Top 5 Coolest New Electric Vehicles

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Coolest Electric Vehicles

Every year, it seems more and more electric vehicles (EV’s) are introduced to the world. The ownership rates of these vehicles are also on the rise. These are often extremely cool, futuristic, or simply entertaining to look at – and of course environmentally friendly! Here are our top five favorite vehicles that use zero fuel to run.

1. Tesla Model S Plaid

It’s no secret that Tesla is on top of the EV game right now. Boasting 1020 horsepower and a top speed of 322km/hr, the Tesla Model S Plaid is an absolute monster on the road. Even more impressive is its ability to go from 0 -100km in 2.1 seconds. That’s incredibly fast!

In terms of design, the minimalistic and super high tech look has defined the Tesla experience. The Model S Paid is no different. With no buttons and a giant iPad looking infotainment system, the Model S is clean, elegant and looks like a car from the future.

2. Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Porsche entered the EV market with a bang, coming in with the Taycan. With an astonishing 0 – 100km in 2.8 seconds, it goes quicker than the famous Porsche 911.

It features the classic design elements we’ve come to know from Porsche. The curvy and rounded edges are present in this vehicle, giving it a distinctive look. Moreover, its clean interior give the vehicle a premium and luxury feel that we’ve come to expect from Porsche. Budget Direct’s research into car ownership showed a 338% increase in EV’s between 2014 and 2017.

3. Audi E-Tron GT RS

Although the Audi E-Tron GT isn’t the first line of EV’s pushed out by Audi, it certainly is the most exciting one. The performance on this vehicle is top notch, which has become the norm for electric vehicles. It boasts a 0 – 100km sprint in 3.3 seconds and goes to 250km/hr.

It also features Audi’s famously aggressive grille, despite no engine. This, along with the wide profile of the vehicle, gives it a mean, powerful look to match its performance.

4. Ford Mustang Mach E

The muscle that is the Mustang brand has been traditionally known for Ford’s line of muscle vehicles. Despite this, Ford has used the Mustang branding for its all new electric SUV. The name comes from the cars performance, which, despite being an SUV, surpassed a Mustang V8 Muscle Car.

The Mach E flexes a 3.8 second 0 – 100km, with design cues marrying together the iconic Mustang look along with elements of the future. Its design feels Tesla inspired, with an iPad like infotainment system in the front cargo. It’s not the first pure-electric Audi of course, that title goes to its ever-growing line-up of e-tron SUVs, but it’s definitely the most exciting.

5. Tesla Model X Plaid

While regular SUV’s struggle to look and feel cool, Tesla’s Model X Plaid does just that. On the performance side, it takes out most sports cars built to be fast. It’s 0 – 100km is in 2.6 seconds, the fastest of any SUV in the world.

In terms of its design, the falcon wing doors alone are enough to make anyone’s jaw drop. The doors also surprisingly give a high level of practicality when moving in and out of the vehicle.

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