Indian Spices for Healthy Heart

Top Indian Spices for Healthy Heart – An Overview

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Indian Spices for Healthy Heart

Spices are an essential part of everyday cooking. Spices are incredibly flavourful and pack plenty of vital health benefits for the heart and overall health. Spices are added to most kinds of cuisines, especially in countries such as Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc. Some cuisines use a few kinds of spices more than others based on the palette of the local people and the traditional evolution of the cuisines. For example – Indian spices are used to prepare hot, spicy, and flavourful gravies and curries. They are used to prepare some of the most popular and standard dishes such as Biryanis, Spicy gravies, Kebabs, Tandoori, Tikkas, etc. Some spices such as Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, etc are also used to prepare desserts in India. Spices not only add flavour but also are extremely beneficial for health as they improve the overall health, immunity, and metabolism in the body. Read on to find out the benefits of adding spices to everyday food for better health.

Indian Spices Introduction

Indian spices are grown indigenously on Indian soil. The temperature and the soil factor are extremely favourable for the spices to grow and thrive in India. This is why India is one of the largest producers and exporters of quality spices in the world. Some spices that grow in India are exclusive to the Indian terrain and climate. This makes Indian spices even more in demand. Spices are known to be extremely beneficial for health and much research supports the use of spices in everyday food. Doctors recommend consuming spices in small quantities on an everyday basis to aid in better health, digestion, and better immunity.

Below are some of the known spices that must be added to everyday food for health:


Turmeric is an essential spice and it contains curcumin which is known to prevent cancer by avoiding anti-cancerous cell formation in the body.


Cumin helps in digestion and helps in keeping the gut flora healthy and active. It prevents issues such as heartburn, indigestion, and constipation and helps bowel movements.


Cloves are great for immunity – the chemicals in cloves are known to be extremely potent in fighting against the common cold, flu, and other infections.


Ginger is an essential part of food and must be consumed on a daily basis. The juice of ginger is known to be an excellent immunity booster and also helps in preventing other infections that cause respiratory issues. Ginger also helps in boosting digestion


Garlic has a special chemical compound called Allicin which helps in preventing gas, flatulence and digestive problems. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and helps in boosting overall metabolism and immunity in the body


Fennel is a sweet spice that adds flavor and helps in better digestion. It is excellent for ulcers and reflux problems and heals gastroenteritis-based diseases.


Hing or Asafoetida is extremely beneficial for digestion and cholesterol issues. It also aids in bowel movements and helps to relieve flatulence

Benefits of Heart Health

The spices listed above are all beneficial in cutting down on cholesterol and maintaining good metabolism that eventually helps in keeping good heart health. Most spices are known to be excellent for maintaining a healthy weight and therefore cut down on the risk of heart failure, heart attacks, and other heart diseases.

Spices are also known for helping in correcting digestive issues which helps in overall metabolism and thereby preventing heart diseases in the future.


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