Toyota Hilux Rock Sliders

Toyota Hilux Rock Sliders: Everything You Need to Know

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Toyota Hilux Rock Sliders

Toyota vehicles are known for power, durability, and reliability. They build well-designed, planned, and high-quality vehicles for heavy-duty to personal needs. People like to buy their cars, SUVs, and trucks for various transportation needs. 

If you have a Toyota Hilux truck you want to protect it from damage. If you like to rock drive or rock climb, you should add rock sliders to your Hilux. Rock sliders fit between the front and rear wheels. They protect the rocker panels from rocks and other debris.

Rock sliders are essential for off-road protection. They shield the Toyota Hilux’s body from rough terrain. They are sturdy, often used as jacking points, and prevent damage from rocks or debris. They include powder-coated and checker plate tread designs. These options ensure durability and vehicle integrity during adventurous drives.

Material Choices for Toyota Hilux Rock Sliders

When choosing rock sliders for your Toyota Hilux, you can pick steel or aluminum. The material that is best suited to hard uses is 1020 HREW and 1020 DOM steels.

HREW and DOM Steel

HREW is hot rolled electric resistance welded steel and DOM is drawn over mandrel steel. The 1020 means the material properties or grade of the steel. DOM steel is stronger than HREW steel, but it is also more expensive.


Aluminum is both more fragile and more expensive than steel. Aluminum isn’t a good choice if you want to do rock climbing with your Hilux. Aluminum can bend easily against the rocks.

Should You Get Coated Rock Sliders?

Coated rock sliders are a bad choice. The coating can’t withstand the abuse of hitting rocks. Additionally, coated rock sliders can be more expensive than non-coated ones. Instead, you can choose to paint your rock sliders yourself. You can use cheap paint that can be easily redone if it scrapes off.

Another option for coating your own rock sliders is using bedliner coating. This application will hold up better than simply painting your rock sliders. The best-looking application is a powder coat. However, it requires special equipment to apply it.

How Do You Apply Toyota Hilux Rock Sliders?

There are a couple of ways to apply rock sliders. These can be bolted on or welded onto the frame of the truck. If you have an accident and flip your truck, the rock sliders can be used to help right the truck.

Bolt-ons require drilling holes into the body of your truck. If you should have occasion to remove the rock sliders, you will still have holes in your truck. This can cause corrosion and a diminished value of the truck.

You can also choose to weld the Toyota Hilux rock sliders to either the body or the frame of the truck. The usual way to attach them is by welding them to the frame.

Closing Thoughts

Toyota Hilux rock sliders can be purchased in steel or aluminum, coated or non-coated. Then, you can choose how to attach them to the body of the truck. You can decrease the truck’s value by drilling and bolting holes. Or, you can weld them onto the frame (or body) for a more lasting change.


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