Bike Tours with Kids

Tips and Equipment for Bike Tours with Your Kids

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Bike Tours with Kids

Travel is a wonderful thing. However, due to the prevalence of COVID-19, taking children to crowded scenic spots is not a good choice. A better option is to go to a nearby suburb with the kids and enjoy the natural scenery.

How to make a trip with children? Only by car? No. You can also go on excursions with your children by bike, even if they are not old enough to ride a bike. In this article, you will learn about the different bicycle travel equipment and what you need to prepare for a bicycle trip.

Equipment for a bike tour

For the choice of equipment, you can mainly refer to the age of the child.

Front Seat of the Bike

Age: 9 months to 24 months

Weight: less than 33 pounds

At this age, children are usually able to sit on their own. You can use the front seat of the bike to travel with them. It is usually suitable for short trips.

However, it carries some safety risks because the seat in front may make it difficult for you to control the bike, which could lead to a traffic accident.

Bike Trailer

Age: 11 months to 6 years

The bike trailer will be linked to the rear hub of the bike and the installation process is not complicated. The bike trailer is optimal for children under 6 years old. It is an enclosed space where your child can be well protected.

And some bike trailers come with a front wheel and the front wheel is removable. It can make the bike trailer stand alone and turn into a baby stroller. Besides, it also has some storage space where you can put your child’s toys or snacks in the trailer to avoid them from getting bored; you can also put food, water, etc. in the trailer.

If you want to travel with your pets, the bike trailer can do the same.

I would recommend Three Horses Trailer’s bike trailers, which are inexpensive, yet comfortable and safe, and can be accessorized and upgraded to make your child’s travel experience better.

Bike Tours

Tag Along Bike

Age: 4 to 7 years old

If you want your child to feel that they are part of the ride, then tagging a long bike would be a good choice. Kids can pedal the pedals. If they get tired, they can also stop pedaling and relax.

Kid’s Bikes

Age: 7 years old and up

When your child is able to ride their own bike with confidence, then you can set them free and get them a kid’s bike. This way you can also get rid of their weight. A good time to do this is when your child is 7,8 years old.

Bike Tour Tips

Involvement: To increase kids’ interest, you can involve them in the planning together. The more they are involved, the more interested they will be in the ride.

Car-free routes: No matter what, the children’s safety is of utmost importance. They may not be very skilled on a bike yet, so you need to try to find routes without cars to avoid danger.

Water and food: Whether you choose a bike trailer or let your children ride their own bikes, adequate water and food are essential. If you are going on an outing with your child via a bike trailer, then you can put water and food directly in the trailer and do not need to carry an extra backpack.

Children’s clothes and equipment: Nowadays, there is a big temperature difference between day and night, in order to avoid children’s cold, we need to bring enough clothes and equipment for them.

Helmets: This is the most important point. No matter which way you choose to travel, helmets are essential. This is another layer of protection for the children.

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