Types of Hoses that Used in Our Home and Industry


The hose is a flexible hollow tube designed to carry the fluids from one place to another place. Hose design is generally based on the combination of performance and application. Primary factors are:

  • Pressure rating
  • Size
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Coil hose
  • Straight hose & chemical compatibility.

Industrial hoses are more than the reinforced, flexible tube. They are the heart of the operation. Serving as Transfer lines for various applications recently in the primary industries. Every industry has its specific requirements. Selecting the exact type of hose, from the material to the size, is the primary key to running your operation.

Types of Hoses 

Hoses are the critical part of the exact functioning of greatest industries. Industrial hoses utilised to transfer petroleum chemicals, water, air, water discharge, and suction. Selecting the proper hose to move the materials for your project is very much essential. Picking the wrong hose can also be catastrophic.  Let’s look at some most common types of industrial hoses & their main applications.

Petroleum Transfer Hoses 

Petroleum transfer hoses are also utilised for Transferring gas, oil & petroleum-based solvents in many industries. You will also discover these hoses used in – Shipbuilding, agriculture, mines, quarries, construction, factories, and railroads. These heavy-duty tubes are also appropriate for conveying this high temperature of petroleum-based materials like asphalt, tar & hot oils. They are very much appropriate for the suction & discharge service on tank cars, tanks, or at the bulk stations.

Steam Hoses

These hoses utilised for general steam service. Also, they can used for

  • Steam-cleaning
  • Heat control
  • Pressure washing
  • Thawing
  • Fire prevention
  • Steam pumps
  • Blow-out service
  • Hoists, refineries
  • Chemical plants.

Created with synthetic rubber and reinforced with steel wire.

Chemical Transfer Hoses

These Hoses are generally utilised to transfer the variety of the Indus chemicals. Also used often in gravity flow, pressure & the suction service. Working with the chemicals also can be dangerous. So, the hose has to withstand the forces subjected to and proper adjustment in aeroquip hose fittings.

Food & Beverage Hoses

These types of hoses are sanitary transfer hoses utilised to manage the transfer of the edible items.  From tank trucks and into the plant service. These are the suction and discharge hoses that can manage almost every type of liquid.  Including gravity flow, dry bulk material, and the vacuum service in this food & beverage industry.

Abrasive Item Hoses

Abrasive item hoses are heavy-duty, sturdy, conveying abrasive or coarse items like chips, rocks, slurry, sand, mud, plastic pellets, and limestone.

Air Hoses

 Utilised for the industrial air service, low-pressure spray, pneumatic tools, air compressor lines, & for some other applications. This hoses assembly can generally fit or coupled with quick disconnects to make the line connections efficient and straightforward for your requirements.

Water Hoses

Water hoses are generally utilised for the transport of water in various industries. You can also discover these water hoses for beverages, construction, fire departments, and agricultural hand spray. Sometimes they are non-conductive & resistant to the oil.

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