Types Of Products Made From Recycled Tires

Things Made From Recycled Tires

Recycling has become a daily habit for millions of people across the globe, but most of us only think about recycling when it comes to small household items like water bottle bottles and plastic wraps. But there are so many more things we can recycle that can significantly impact our environment. One of these items is car tires.

Sadly, tires are often carelessly discarded after use. However, tires can actually be recycled into other products that have value to society and the environment. The next time you go to the garage for tire service, ask what they do with old tires. If they don’t recycle them, you might want to find a tire service company that does. Many products can be made from recycled tires, and this article will discuss some of them.

Types Of Products Made From Tires

There are several types of products that can be made using recycled tires. Some examples include:


These bricks are usually made by mixing rubber with cement or clay. They are then formed into blocks which are later cut up into smaller pieces. The brick type made from recycled tires is very durable because it does not absorb moisture as regular bricks do. It also makes an excellent building block since they are fire-resistant. The primary reason why people opt to use these bricks is that they are environmentally friendly. You don’t need much space to store them, so they make great storage units. If you want to build your own home, you could even get free materials through recycling programs.


Rubber flooring is one of the most popular choices when it comes to flooring options. If you live somewhere where temperatures fluctuate significantly throughout the year, you may find yourself needing something more resilient than wood floors. Rubber tiles offer just what you need. They come in different sizes and shapes, depending on how large your room needs to be. Since they’re flexible, they won’t crack under heavy loads as hardwood floors would. Also, unlike wood floors, they are easy to clean.


Carpet is another product that can be made out of recycled tires. These carpets are available in various colours and patterns. They are incredibly comfortable to walk on and provide good insulation against cold weather. Most people prefer carpets over traditional rugs because they feel safer walking around their homes while wearing shoes. When buying a new carpet, always check whether it was manufactured using recycled content. These carpets will help save resources like water and natural gas.

Paving Stones

Paving stones are similar to concrete, but they are lighter and easier to handle. They are often used in landscaping projects such as driveways and patios. Because they are lightweight, they require less labour during installation. Another advantage of paving stones is that they last longer compared to regular concrete. As long as you keep them well maintained, they will remain strong for years to come.


Strangely enough, sidewalks are yet another product that can be created from recycled tires. Unlike asphalt, sidewalks can be made from crushed tires mixed with sand and gravel. This mixture provides strength and durability to the sidewalk. While installing a new sidewalk, ensure that you choose a reputable professional who knows exactly what they are doing. A poorly installed sidewalk might end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. For example, cracks in the pavement caused by uneven pressure distribution can lead to severe injuries.

Fibre and Nylon

Many fibre and nylon products come from recycled tires. Some companies use old tires to create fibreglass products. Others turn them into nylon fibres. Both types of material have many uses, including making car parts, clothing, ropes, etc. However, before purchasing any of these items, ask about their origin. Make sure that the company has no plans to dispose of the waste. You don’t want to buy anything that could harm our environment or cause pollution.

Rubber Mulch

This type of mulch is usually applied to lawns and gardens. It helps retain moisture and prevents weeds from growing. The best part about this kind of mulch is that it doesn’t cost very much. All you need to do is purchase some scrap tires and then crush them down. Once done, spread the shredded pieces all over your garden area. Recycled tires have revolutionized recycling processes.

Tire-Derived Fuel

Tire-derived fuel or TDF is an alternative source of energy. It comes from old tires, which have been shredded and mixed with sawdust and wood chips. This mixture burns cleanly without producing any smoke or soot. It makes more heat than coal does. A typical fire requires about 1 ton of coal to have one ton of heat.

In contrast, only 0.5 tons of TDF is needed to create the same amount of heat. Moreover, TDF emits no harmful gases like carbon monoxide or sulphur dioxide. These two chemicals cause respiratory problems such as asthma attacks and lung cancer.

Crumb Rubber

Crumb rubber is another product that can be created from recycled tires. Even though it’s commonly referred to as crumb rubber, it’s also known as ground tire rubber. GTR is produced when old tires are crushed down and then mixed with water and oil. Afterward, the resulting slurry is heated until all the liquid evaporates away, leaving behind solid particles. Then these particles are dried out and put through a milling machine, where they become smaller rubber pieces.


Another type of product that can come from recycled tires is Polyethylene. Polyethylene is widely used in packaging materials, food containers, toys, clothing, furniture, etc. Polyethylene is often preferred over glass bottles because of its durability, low cost, ease of processing, and recyclability.

The Bottom Line

Recycling isn’t an option anymore. It’s now essential for the preservation of our environment. Companies and people must recycle everything possible so that we can continue living in our beautiful world.

If you’re recycling your old tires, you’ll need to replace them with new tires at a reliable tire service company. If you don’t know where to start looking for new tires.

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