Types of Tea, Flavours and Health Benefits

Types of Tea Flavours Benefits

Many individuals prefer tea over coffee today. These sets also look exquisite. A lot of people also use them as showpieces. For instance, one can observe many people having a tea set just for the royal feeling it gives. Surveys suggest that over 66% of the global population consumes tea. Many individuals also purchase tea gift sets to present them to individuals at housewarming ceremonies and other events.

There are also different kinds of teas available for individuals to taste in today’s fast-paced world, depending on their preferences. A lot of people might not know the various types available. Thus, this article will focus on conveying the multiple versions of tea available and their benefits.

Types of Tea Available

As mentioned, there are a plethora of types of tea gift sets¬†available in today’s scenario. Here are some commonly preferred variations.

1. White Tea

White tea is minimally processed. It is quite a delicate variety of regular tea. Many individuals prefer drinking these variations for their benefit. These leaves get handpicked highly, and the minimal processing techniques used make them preferable alternatives today.

2. Green Tea

The next common variation is green tea. One can observe a plethora of individuals consuming these variations today. In such instances, there is a vital need for people to understand the benefits of these variations. Unlike the previous variation, experts do not use the same process. The leaves do not get oxidized as much as they do while making White tea. Research studies suggest massive benefits of opting for this variation in today’s scenario.

3. Black Tea

Thirdly, there’s Black tea. A lot of individuals also prefer drinking these variations today. In this variation, the leaves get oxidized a lot. Professionals make strong Black teas for those who prefer drinking them.

Tea Flavours

As observed, there are various types of tea available today. Many individuals also make this tea using different flavours. Here are a few commonly used alternatives.

1. Spicy Tea

One can observe many individuals preferring spicy tea. These beverages help improve heart health and reduce blood sugar levels.

2. Mint

One can also observe many individuals using mint as a primary flavour. These flavours help individuals in dealing with cramps and headaches.

3. Elaichi

Many individuals also prefer Elaichi flavours. These flavours taste exquisite and also have a lot of benefits. Many countries are known for producing these variations today.

Health Benefits of Tea

Here are a few benefits of tea and associated beverages.

1. Caffeine

Tea is a beverage that contains less caffeine than coffee. While it is true that caffeine boosts activity levels in individuals, the substance also has other demerits.

2. Weight Loss

Another excellent benefit one can observe today is that of weight loss. Many doctors recommend people to drink tea in cases of being overweight and obese. The tea leaves, combined with the flavours, help the digestion system function optimally. This activity assists individuals in maintaining normal weight levels.

3. Heart Health

One can also observe these beverages helping individuals with their hearts. Many doctors and researchers suggest that these beverages help reduce the possibility of strokes and heart attacks.

4. Protects Bones

Finally, individuals who consume these beverages also have healthy bones. They are said to have a longer life, as opposed to those consuming other substances.

Many individuals buy pyramid tea bags to present them to families and acquaintances. While these sets look exquisite, they come with teas from various parts of the world. The flavours, combined with the types available, make them preferable choices today. Many individuals also transition from coffee to tea because of its health benefits.

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