The Way Influencer Marketing Thrives on TikTok

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TikTok is the lip-synching social application that gained global attention in a short period. When the platform was launched globally, none bothered about it. Many considered it as an underdog. But, with time, the social platform managed to earn the people’s attention which helped it climb the ladder of success in a short period. Today, TikTok is the leading social platform next to Facebook and Instagram. It is still a dream for many platforms to attain the same reach as TikTok. Because many social applications with different concepts are introduced every day and face shutting down in a few months due to the significantly less user base. But, things are different with TikTok. The platform managed to earn a considerable number of users from almost all the global countries within the period of two years. The massive growth attained by TikTok within such a short tenure is not liable for any other social application to date.

The Video-Centric Social Platform:

TikTok is basically a video-centric social platform. You cannot find text or static image content on TikTok. It got introduced when the video form had started booming across the internet. Being a completely video-centric social platform, it gave a completely new experience to the users. Back then, even the leading social media Facebook and Instagram were not much video-centric. Hence, the advent of this social channel with enormous video content has made people stay glued to it. It is pertinent to mention that the TikTok content is shorter in duration. Hence, it gave the possibility for people to watch much content in a short period. The chance to watch many contents of distinct ranges didn’t make the viewers feel bored. This has resulted in a surge in the time people spend on this social channel. At a point, Facebook started to lose its user base to TikTok. Through this, you can understand how much this social channel has deep-rooted among people.

Statistics also highlighted that nearly 60% of the Generation Z of the USA had an active presence on TikTok in 2018. Considering the growing popularity of TikTok, Facebook had come up with a social application known as Lasso to hamper its users from moving to TikTok. The app, which is the clone of TikTok, was rolled out in 2018. However, such moves did not affect the growth of TikTok in any way. Through this, you can understand how this social channel had intruded among people.

Later, on noticing the massive reception for the video content, Facebook also made modifications to its social channel accordingly. It added a section for videos on Facebook. On Instagram, it brought IGTV. Thus, the growth of TikTok had fueled the need to bring alterations to these social applications. Though Facebook rolls out many features and brings changes to its social application with the aim of bringing down the growth of TikTok, it all went in vain. Hence, through this, you can know the sustainable growth attained by this social application. If you aim to do your brand promotion on social channels, you should go with the one that will have sustainable growth for at least the next few years. When you go through the journey of TikTok, you will feel that TikTok will sustain its momentum it has today for the coming years. So, you can pick this social application without any second thought for brand promotions. Creators on TikTok can buy TikTok likes which makes their videos reach a vast audience.

The Availability of Quality Content Creators:

One of the notable aspects that had helped in the growth of TikTok is the quality of content creators this social application had. These content creators can also be noted as influencers. The influencers of this social application have a huge fan following globally. It is also notable that the TikTok videos used to get shared in large numbers across other social applications. There were even times when Instagram had pages that are dedicated to TikTok videos.

Those Instagram pages used to be a compilation of interesting TikTok videos. Thus, the presence of influencers who are able to come up with content that could drive people effortlessly has contributed to the growth of this social application. Because the success of any social application relies on the quality of the content it has. People go through the content as soon as they log in to a social application. So, they will present on a social application as long as its content continues to inspire them. Since TikTok has many influencers who have the potential to provide engaging content, the platform is witnessing an upward trend in its growth. So, if you want to promote your brand, you can also do it through the influencers this platform has.

Wrapping Up:  

TikTok used to add many features to its social application for giving a new user experience. As a result, it easily adapts to new trends. Such characteristics will avail benefits to you in the long run.

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