5 Ways to Hang Printed Banners on a Wall or a Pole

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Have you ever wanted to hang a printed banner on a wall or pole? To hang it properly, you need to use some techniques that permanently fixed your banner on the wall. It’s actually very easy to do. In this article, we will show and examine probably the best procedures that can tackle your all standard hanging issues.

5 Ways to Hang Printed Banners on a wall

1. With the help of Rope

Whether or not your banner has grommets, nylon rope is among the easiest tactics to hold it. Banners can be secured to posts, fencing, or suspended from ceilings of overhangs by looping through grommets or feeding through pole holes. Metal chains, fishing lines, as well as other robust components, can be substituted for rope, but we do not sell these on our website because we believe rope is the strongest of these kinds of hanging accessories.

2. With the help of Hanging clips

Carabiners, often known as hanging clips, maybe simply attached through grommets and then attached to connection points or objects. Carabiners can be utilized for both long-haul and momentary display hangings. The carabiners can attach to the gate as well as to the sign and through the metal grommet, making this a fantastic alternative for hanging a banner on a metal fence. These hanging clips are very useful in hanging banner printing.

3. With the assistance of suction cups and snares

Banners can be hung with suction cups on semi (smooth) flat surfaces. Glasses are the most popular surface for these. Hooks protrude from the suction cups and can be inserted directly into your banner’s grommets. It’s critical to note that suction cups aren’t designed for huge or heavy banners. The mass of larger banners may be too great for this displaying technique’s suction capacity.

4. Zip ties

For informal, outdoor concerts (fairs, food truck advertising, grand openings, sales, birthday celebrations, and more), we suggest zip ties! Zip ties are also more typically utilized for longer periods of time than bungee cords, rope, or clips because they are more stable in nature. Simply thread the zip tie through all the grommet as well as the anchor position of wherever you’re suspending the banner, then tighten it by tying the ends of the zip tie securely. Snip the zip ties to detach it.

5. With the help of Bungee cords

Bungee cords are great for securing your banner when it’s on display. Simply loop one end of the cord through the grommet (provided free with all of the posters) and the other end through an origin point of your choice. Ensure each bungee has enough tension to draw the banner evenly throughout its area.


Banners are a diverse and long-lasting alternative for indoor and outdoor advertising. You shouldn’t have to stress about your banner breaking or collapsing early if you’ve correctly hung it. You can easily hang a printed banner on a wall or pole by following these simple steps.

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