What Are the Top Myths about Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Hair transplantation, as we all know, has become one of the most sought-after surgeries by patients suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia. The first step that you would have to take to be part of this transformation is deciding to go for the same. Since this is an aesthetic procedure, it has long-lasting effects and if you are not sure or you don’t visit a professional hair loss treatment doctor who is well-versed in handling such patients, you might end up regretting the same. The results of the same are natural and are visible in just a few months.

Having said all these, the popularity of the treatment has given rise to several myths about the same, and it is crucial to break them before you go ahead and decide if this is the procedure you want to go. This blog would like to break all those myths and bring forth the reality of the situation for you!


Myths about FUE/FUT Hair Transplant

Similar to any medical field, misinformation about the same might make you wary of them. You might not want to opt for the treatment, thereby taking you away from the best possible results it could’ve given. However, when it comes to the best hair transplant in Faridabad, it is always suggested that you take note of every aspect of those common myths before making your choice. Some of the most popular yet false misconceptions about the procedure are:

1. Hair transplant leaves immediate results:

It is understandable that if you are thinking of going for a hair transplant, you would want to see results as soon as possible. But, you must know that ideally, post-treatment, the hair follicles take some healing time. The hair growth rate, however, happens just like your natural hair, and you would be able to see results starting in a few weeks. In the beginning, though, you might find hair suddenly falling out but don’t worry, this is because it is going through a shedding period and is completely natural which all patients face. The transplanted follicles would start regenerating after the temporary shock loss.

2. It can be performed by follicles harvested from someone else:

As one of the most commonly told myths about the procedure, this falls on top of the list. The mere concept behind hair transplantation is that the patient’s healthy hair follicles from a safe donor area will be used to perform the hair transplant procedure. Only then would you be able to get side-effect-free natural results. Even though this includes taking hair follicles from an area and then transplanting them to a balding site, it must never be confused with the concept of organ transplantation. If the follicles harvested from someone else (aside from the person being an identical twin) are implanted to the recipient site, the recipient’s body will reject the tissues by treating them as a foreign body.

3. It is expensive:

Once you visit the best hair transplant clinic for a consultation, you would have to undergo a Trichoscopy analysis. This procedure would identify the safe donor area and the follicles that can be transplanted from the same. According to the density you want to achieve through the treatment and the number of grafts required for the same, the final cost of the surgery is calculated. The cost is based on the number of grafts multiplied by a cost per graft basis. Ideally, the hair transplant cost ranges at around 50,000/-. You may also opt for those hospitals and centres offering medical tourism for such aesthetic surgery to get a package deal out of the treatment under the expertise of qualified doctors.

4. It is temporary:

Topping the list of myths about hair transplant surgery is the one that states that the procedure leaves temporary results. The follicular units, in the first step of the technique, are taken from a “safe donor area.” It means that the follicles in the area are not affected in any way by the DHT hormone, making them resistant to hair loss. When the hair follicles from such a donor area (which is the back of the head) are implanted to the recipient site, it will carry a few characteristics of the donor area. This makes them resistant to hair loss as well, aside from the temporary shock loss that most patients face after the hair transplant surgery. Shock loss is a condition that happens as short-term trauma after the operation. The results of the surgery, thus, are pretty much permanent

5. Only men can undergo this procedure:

We understand when the first person that comes in your mind when you think of a hair transplant procedure is a man. But, women also suffer from hair loss (especially female pattern hair loss) since the condition is more often than not, genetic. This makes them eligible candidates for hair transplant surgery. However, if you are a woman who is looking for such treatment but doesn’t want to shave off your head for the same, you may opt for a long hair transplant clinic. This procedure, performed by experts, ensures that the results are seen within a small time, and you don’t have to shave the hair off the head at all.

6. It is painful:

Performed using a technically established technique like Follicular Unit Excision (FUE), transplant surgeries have become more comfortable now than ever. Professionals use a local anesthetic to numb the area treated before starting the procedure that ensures that the patient feels no pain during it. The use of special anesthetic needles has also made sure that the patient feels no pain while it is administered. All the while as the procedure is ongoing, the patient is awake and will be able to watch movies or listen to music. Experts make use of modern devices that show the number of grafts transplanted to the area so that the patient is aware of the time left for the session to be complete as well.

In case you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic, you may want to check out Twachaa by Saraswat™. At the helm of the clinic are Dr. Satya Saraswat and Dr. Preeti Saraswat, both of whom are certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and use state of the art technology for the aesthetic procedures performed there. The clinic ensures a customized treatment plan for the patients for the most effective results.


Hair loss can be very heart-breaking, but the myths associated with the procedure should not stop you from going for it. In case you want to discuss your condition with the experts or book a consultation for such a surgery today, you may contact professionals right away.

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