What Causes Water Damage in Your Home and How to Avoid It?


Water damage can cause many issues in your home, and if not taken care of early enough, it could lead to considerable expenses in the future. Depending on your location, there could be several reasons for water damage, starting from geographical issues to faulty appliances at home. Prompt water damage repair is essential, no matter what the cause is. Here are the common reasons for water damage.

1. Damaged Plumbing

Faulty or damaged plumbing is a significant issue of water damage, especially in old homes. Water may seep in because of cracked pipes and damage the walls, ceiling, and even the house’s foundation. Some places like behind the cabinets, crawl spaces, and attics are not frequently inspected, and water damage in those areas can take longer to be detected.

You should check and insulate pipes before the winters to avoid their rupturing, freezing, and cracking. If the drains clog and your bathroom or kitchen sink overflow, then that could be a potential source of water damage as well.

2. Old Appliances

Appliances in our homes like the washing machine and dishwasher are no doubt great labor-saving devices. However, as they become old, the hoses and pipes connecting them weaken and can leak water. If the leak happens in a corner, over time, it will result in extensive water damage. The dirty laundry water or greasy kitchen water will not just pool around the area and create an unpleasant odor; it will also result in pest infestation, bacteria, and fungus growth.

Ensure you do periodic checks on your appliances to avoid extensive damage and fix them as soon as they are broken.

3. Natural Disasters

Your house could be waterlogged due to natural disasters like floods caused by extensive rains and thunderstorms. Even if the bulk of the water is drained out after the rain stops, there could be pools of water hidden out of sight. It will rot any woodwork in the house or seep through the walls and drywalls and render the entire structure unstable.

It would be best if you always ensured that areas like the basement are thoroughly dried and cleaned out, and there is no dirty water residue left behind.

Faulty HVAC and Sump Pump Units

While heating and ventilation units are essential for your home, if the units are not cleaned and inspected regularly, they can cause floods. It could also be a hazard during storms and could lead to electrocution. In the same way, if your sump pump breaks down and cannot drain out the water efficiently, you are looking at a potential cause of flooding.

Make sure you opt for water damage repair if any of this happens because the remaining water will seep in and damage your house.

Professional Solutions for Water Damage Repair

If you have experienced water damage at home because of any of the reasons mentioned above, you should always opt for professional water damage repair services. DIY methods of repair will not be a permanent solution if your home has suffered water damage. From cleaning out clogged drains, repairing pipes, fixing appliances and units, the professionals will repair everything as you enjoy complete peace of mind while your home is being restored.

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