The Advantages and Types of CNC Routers Available on the Market

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The Blue Elephant is one of the leading manufacturers of CNC router machines, CNC laser machines, and many other CNC machines available on the market. A Blue Elephant CNC router machine helps in the definition of wood routing and also gives your workpiece that professional touch. 

So, we decided to come up with an article that will provide an in-depth overview of the CNC router machine as a user I have found while using the device. 

About CNC Router Machines 

A CNC router is a computer-controlled wood router that helps design, engrave, and define materials such as – wood, PVC board, MDF, marble, Acrylic, rubber board, glass, plastic foams, crystals, etc. 

These wood graving machines deliver high performance with fast production efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, as a woodworker, giving your workpiece a professional touch is always an exciting thing to do.

Types of CNC Routers Available on the Market 

Commonly you can find a total of eight types of CNC routers now on the market. Here is an overview of these machines –

  1. Types A – It is beginners who are looking to get into these types of works. The Types A CNC router may be an entry-level machine; however, it is a great option for wood engraving and designing. Moreover, the machine is low cost and low maintenance.
  2. Types B – Types B or ATC CNC routers are engraving machines that come with automated tool-changing devices. It reduces the work of changing tools during the process and also speeds up production. The tool’s heads change automatically rather than manually, and a computer controls it. 
  3. Types C – It is a 4-axis CNC router that operates on X, Y, Z, and A paths. These machines allow for swift engraving from left to right and give the flexibility to approach the workpiece from different angles.   
  4. Types D – These are rotary-axis CNC routers which are also 4-axis machines. Rotary CNC routers mainly process on cube or cylindrical workpieces. 
  5. Types E – For those of you who are into stone processing, then the Types E or the Stone CNC engraving machine is for you. These machines have the same processing path as the above machines.
  6. Types F – Types F or the MINI CNC routers are more of home routers. These engraving machines are hobby routers; they are small and help to work on smaller surfaces. That is why it is a great choice for fine processing. 
  7. Types G – It is a 5-axis router that comes with three linear coordinates and two rotation coordinates. Moreover, you can use the CNC tool to use and operate the machine on different axis simultaneously while processing. 
  8. Types H – CNC machines are for foam cutting; moreover, they can also cut heavy-duty metals. The machine is lightweight and also has a larger processing size and strokes. 

The Advantages of a Blue Elephant CNC Router Machines

The Blue Elephant CNC router machine has changed the game when processing or engraving wood, PVC, metal, and other materials. The engraving was handheld work, and now a simple push of a button gets the work done. Not only that, but we also get these advantages such as:

  • CNC routers are precious and accurate rather to using handheld equipment. 
  • It also makes production much faster and repeats exact copies, making it by hand is not possible. 
  • CNC router machines are automated, and with a simple push of a button, you start the engraving process.
  • It is safer than handheld equipment and also reduces human resources costs. 

Hope the content is beneficial to you. We have tried to explain the CNC router here.

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