What is a Pre Employment Drug Test and Procedure & Types

Pre Employment Drug Test

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered what a pre-employment drug test is. Most employers are now performing drug testing before hiring new employees. These tests aren’t just for marijuana or alcohol – they can also be used to check for prescription drugs.


Pre-employment drug testing is a method employers use to find out if applicants have been using drugs or alcohol. Some employers may require applicants to submit a urine sample or a hair follicle. It can be administered in the office, laboratory, or off-site. A saliva test is another option. This is less invasive and provides results in a much shorter time frame. Depending on the type of specimen, it can show substance use within a few hours, a few days, or up to a week. The results can indicate the presence of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and more. Some companies also use blood testing. However, it is very invasive and expensive. Because it is less accurate, this is usually only used for suspected abuse. Urine testing is the most commonly conducted type of pre-employment drug screening. It can be a very effective method of determining whether an applicant has used drugs recently, as well as a way to keep employees out of dangerous jobs.


Keeping your workplace safe is one of pre employment drug test benefits. A saliva pre-employment test is less invasive than urine and other methods and is easier to use than a blood test. However, this type of testing may be challenging to perform for people who are heavy users of drugs. Some companies will ask applicants not to eat or drink for ten minutes before the test to ensure they are not exposed to any substances. A company with an automated saliva testing system can instantly evaluate the sample on-site. The most accurate and cost-effective method is blood. Urine and hair are also popular. Although these methods are less expensive, they are invasive. Finding a compliant screening provider is essential to ensure a fair and legal process.

Other alternative specimens are gaining in popularity. An oral swab can be a great way to screen for long-term drug abuse and the adverse side effects of prescription medications.


A hair drug test is a noninvasive test that can provide a complete picture of an individual’s drug use. The examination can reveal past and current drug use and environmental contamination. It is an excellent way to screen for prescription medication abuse or infrequent use of illicit drugs. Many employers perform a hair test as part of their pre-employment screening. However, this method may not be appropriate for workplace accidents. Fortunately, there are hair testing kits available for purchase online. Unlike urine tests, hair testing is complicated to tamper with. This makes it much more difficult for employees to cheat on tests. Hair testing can detect the presence of a drug for up to 90 days. Because the drug residue is chemically stable, it cannot be removed from the hair structure. Hair follicles contain trace amounts of drugs deposited as the strands grow. As the strands develop, metabolites are transported to the cortex. These metabolites then store the traces of the drug.


Pre-employment drug testing protects employers from exposing employees to the adverse effects of drug use. Studies show that employers who use drug screening reduce employee turnover, increase productivity and decrease theft and workers’ compensation claims. Employers can conduct pre-employment drug screening through a urine, blood, or saliva test. Blood tests are invasive and are often expensive. Saliva tests are less intrusive and can be conducted on-site at work. The most commonly used pre-employment drug test is the urine test. Urine samples are collected, undergo an initial drug screen, and then a confirmation screen. Some employers also require a saliva or hair sample. The applicant can request a retest if a positive drug test result is found. In most cases, the retest results are reported to the employer within one to three days. The applicant will be asked to provide consent when a drug screening is performed. They will be notified of the procedure and instructed to report to a designated laboratory.

Benzodiazepine prescription drugs

Benzodiazepine prescription drugs are a class of medication used for various reasons. They can treat insomnia, depression, and anxiety, among other things. They can also help relieve many symptoms, from muscle spasms to seizures. If you are considering a new job, your employer may ask you to take a pre-employment drug test. This is important because it is a legal requirement that employers provide a safe workplace for their employees. Depending on the type of job you are applying for, you may be required to do a benzodiazepine drug test. A benzodiazepine drug test can be administered using urine, saliva, or even a hair drug test. Some of these tests can detect benzodiazepine prescription drugs, but some are not. It is best to choose a professional service to ensure you get the most accurate results.

Follow-up drug testing

For safety-sensitive industries, pre-employment drug testing is critical. It helps employers avoid costly workers’ compensation claims caused by substance abuse. Performing drug tests is also a way to help find well-suited candidates. Aside from protecting the workplace, routine drug screenings can boost morale. Some companies may require random drug tests after hiring, depending on the job. A certified laboratory administers this. In most cases, the results are back within 24 hours. However, clearing up the testing facility’s backlog can take as long as a week.

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