Google Workspace Partner

What is Google Workspace Partner?

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Google Workspace Partner

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is an all-in-one online application suite that helps your team interact more effectively and boost corporate productivity.

It was previously known as G Suite Partner and included several features and capabilities such as Gmail, App Maker, Docs, Cloud Search, Google Meet, and many more.

Google Cloud Premier Partner provides Google Workspace deployment management services, data transfer, mobile device integration, change management solutions, and a variety of other services to assist customers in meeting their specific business requirements. It guarantees to provide a user-friendly, cost-effective set of solutions that may assist your team in simply collaborating.

With its highly collaborative and seamless technologies, Google Workspace dramatically increases enterprises’ total productivity and value. It can assist in reducing maintenance and IT expenditures regardless of the size or kind of organization.

What are the main inclusions in Google Workspace?

Google Workspace has everything you need for a productive and connected office. Gmail, Drive, Meet, Chat, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, Slides, Sites, Forms, Keep, and Currents are all included.

App Scripts and Cloud Search are also on the list of bundled applications. Those concerned about security will have access to Admin, Endpoint, Vault, and Work Insights.

To make life easier, Google Workspace now includes new collaborative chat features. The idea is that whether you’re part of an organization or not, it will be easier to generate and develop papers inside Chat.

The apps offered with Google Workspace also feature additional bonuses that distinguish them distinct from free versions. Gmail, for example, is ad-free, which helps you stay focused.

Depending on your package, Meet may also have additional features and a greater participant limit. You may easily invite external players, and you won’t even need to install a plug-in.

Once you’ve established a business calendar, you can manage meetings, vacations, and other events in one convenient area. Google Drive Workspace provides additional storage space and shared files for your most complex tasks.

Other features are stashed away in each of Google’s Workspace applications, so it’s worth checking them out.

Why should you resell Google Workspace?

Putting Google Workspace on your resell list makes sense if you want the best return on your cloud business. Among the advantages of reselling are:

  • More recurring income sources for your reseller company
  • Providing value-added cloud services to your partners, going above and beyond a Google Workspace subscription
  • Scalability of your business
  • Adaptability to changing consumer demands

Another point to consider: being a Google Workspace reseller is a wonderful option since you can harness Google’s unquestionably important brand authority. Brands like Google evolve rather than merely change over time. If you join Google’s reseller program, you will be able to display a Google logo alongside your services.


So, if Google Workspace is simply G Suite Partner India with a new name and a few new capabilities, is it worth the price? Yes, we’d say it works well and is well worth the money, especially in a remote business.

If you don’t have a central office for meetings, Workspace provides several options for staying in touch with your team. You could use other applications like Slack for messaging and Zoom for meetings, but you’d have to pay extra for each platform.

No matter the size of your firm, the combination of features in Google Workspace is of tremendous value. If you run a small business, Business Starter and Business Standard provide plenty of storage space as well as video calling capabilities.

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