What Things Do Rubbish Removal Companies Not Take?


You might require the aid of a junk removal company if you have junk piling up in your garage, basement, or even living room. There are a few things Rubbish Removal Companies do not take. Many people believe that a garbage removal business can dispose of anything, but this is not the case.

A few products require specific disposal and must be handled by the customer separately. These materials are also known as hazardous waste. They don’t want these objects mixed in with the rest of their waste because they don’t want them to contaminate the rest of their load.

Many of the hazardous materials are liquids, so if they spilled in their truck, not only would they be unable to dispose of or donate those items properly. They would be unable to do anything with those items, not even recycle them.

Some Items that Rubbish Removal Companies Do not take away

Some hazardous goods are prohibited from being disposed of in landfills by various governments. Representatives from junk removal companies will not take anything toxic or dangerous to people’s health. They will also refuse to accept objects that are too heavy to lift or are stored in inaccessible regions. It depends on where you live.

They won’t take the following items:

  1. Items like Home Repair and Maintenance paint, gas, kerosene, and paint thinner that can’t be recycled.
  2. Plant & Yard Care, herbicides, fertilizer, pool chemicals, insecticides, and rat killers are the next items that Rubbish Removal Companies do not remove.
  3. Liquids, Household Care: drain cleaners, bleach, oven cleaner, floor cleaning, ammonia, aerosol cans, and batteries are all hazardous compounds.
  4. Vehicle & Motor Care products include antifreeze, gasoline, brake fluid, motor oil, and radiator cleaning.
  5. Mercury Products (electric bulbs, thermometers, thermostats, iodine) and Appliances with Nitrogen Coolant (such as freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners) are the most common things Rubbish Removal Companies refuse to accept.

And any other Special Waste that is defined by applicable municipal, state, or federal legislation, such as radioactive waste, explosives, ammunition, medical waste, asbestos, and any other Special Waste. These are the goods that junk removal companies do not take.

Medical Waste

Garbage collectors refuse to take syringes, vials, soiled gloves, and other medical trash. The main reason is that these things could be infected with contagious bacteria or viruses, infecting the handling specialists.

Solid garbage and old paint cans

Old paint can, whether or not it contains leftover paint, is another problematic solid waste for garbage firms. The toxicity of the chemicals that make up any paint is the primary worry of hard waste specialists. This is especially true if the substance is oil-based or has metallic elements that could jeopardize its life or spill onto other objects, rendering them unrecyclable.

Returning paint cans to the store, donating the paint to others, or waiting for the liquid waste to solidify before disposing of them as household waste are the best options. Rubbish removal companies like Ridly rubbish removal do not take these items.


A conventional garbage removal business will not accept the items on the list above. That isn’t to say that every collector is like that. Some businesses have the necessary equipment to handle hazardous trash; others may accept home waste.

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