What to Look for When Choosing a Retirement Home

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If anyone were to ask you what you are looking for in a retirement home, you may respond as you believe they expect you to. You will probably say 24/7 nurses on duty and then things like memory care and a chance to live the highest level of independence possible within the scope of your medical needs.

While those are things you really should be concerned with, what are you really looking for when choosing a retirement home to live out your days in? Following you will probably find a more realistic answer that you wish you were brave enough to give!

Plenty of Activities

This is something seniors might not want to admit. While every retirement or nursing home has a list of activities planned for the residents, you can soon tire of bingo or mahjong. Even shuffleboard gets old and leaves you looking for something a bit more interesting! If you are still active enough to be looking for a retirement home with better-than-average recreation, perhaps you want to find one that is near enough to a theater or shopping mall.

Did you ever think that you’d find shopping fun? Actually, walking the mall from top to bottom once a day is a great way to get in some exercise while getting out in the world to meet up with friends who live in other areas of your retirement complex.

A World-Class Chef

You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate good food but that isn’t something you are likely to find in most retirement homes. In fact, that is why so many seniors seek independent living because they are then free to cook their own meals. With that said, there are places like the Belmont Village Encino retirement home that can boast a 5-star menu. You might not want to admit that food is a priority, but now that you are retired, is there anything wrong with enjoying a meal you don’t need to cook or clean up after?

Pet-Friendly Environment

There is nothing quite like a companion dog to help you through those lonely hours you may experience from time to time. You have probably always had a fur baby by your side and there is no reason to forego that pleasure now.

You have come to accept the fact that you are proudly owned by your four-legged friend and that’s okay too. After all, who could expect you to leave your family behind? The adult kids are one thing, but those fur babies are part of a package deal!

When Is a Joke Not a Joke?

All joking aside, these really are important considerations for many seniors looking to simplify life by finding the right senior retirement home. They no longer need to worry about cutting the grass weekly or shoveling snow in colder regions. The only thing they want to worry about is making it to the dining area in time for the chef’s special of the day and a walk in the park with their BFF, their canine fur baby. Anything else is okay, as long as they are guaranteed the above-mentioned amenities. And that’s no joke!

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