What You Should Know About Throwing an Awesome Pool Party

Awesome pool partyPeople party to leave their troubles behind and experience fun and excitement for at least a few hours. As such, it is your job as a host to ensure your event serves its purpose – help guests de-stress, recharge, and have a memorable time. Otherwise, you may have trouble enticing people to come over to your next bash.

Do not worry. There is a foolproof way to throw an epic gathering that will make everyone excited and eager to go. First off, put your fancy China back in the cabinet and step outside to where your pool is. Get ready to throw an awesome pool party that everyone can enjoy!

As long as there is a swimming pool, your guests can entertain themselves, which means much less work for you. To prepare your house pool for the event of the season, find websites that offer helpful tips for this purpose. You can also consider the information below to guide you in the process.

Pool Party Elements to Think About

Pool parties may be low-maintenance, but still, you need time to prepare and think about the following factors as you plan your summer shindig:


Your pool may be in the middle of your beautiful garden, but still, you need to do cute and fun party decorations to set the mood and make the background instagrammable. Set-up balloons in various sizes using colors that evoke excitement, energy, and happiness like yellow and orange.

Throw inflatables in amusing designs on the pool like unicorns, popsicles, and watermelon slices. You can also add colorful paper lanterns to spruce up the party area. Try to create the party decorations yourself since creative tasks will make you happy and smart, as well as enhance your mental health and immune system.


Make your guests more excited by preparing invitations that they can hold in their hands instead of merely sending a blast email. Taking the time to create exciting invites like a rolled piece of paper inside a clear bottle with sand will surely send the impression that your event is unique and worth going.


Try to serve foods that can be consumed by your guests conveniently, even if they are standing-up or mingling with others, such as finger foods and fruits. You can also prepare bite-size sandwiches, hotdog-on-sticks, and similar entrees that are satisfying, but not too heavy.


Set up your speakers and choose songs that will liven up the mood and make your guests dance their worries away. If you have money to spare, you can hire a local DJ or a band to maintain the energy and keep the crowd excited. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you have enlivening music in the background since a good tune is a primary requisite for a party.

Dos and Don’ts When Hosting a Pool Party

Just like any other parties, there are specific guidelines that you need to follow to ensure safe and hassle-free fun, such as the following dos and don’ts:

Do Prepare a First Aid Kit

Unlike other ordinary parties, safety is a primary concern when hosting a pool gathering considering the slippery and rowdy environment. As such, have a medical kit ready for emergencies and make sure that it contains plenty of Band-Aids, a new bottle of sting relief spray, bandages, and aloe for sunburn relief, among others.

Don’t Forget to Provide Sunscreen

Ensure your guests will still be talking about your fun party with excitement days after the event, instead of feeling regretful because of sunburn. Provide enough sun protection for everyone. You can set-up a station where guests can help themselves to apply sunscreen and aloe lotions before going outside. This simple gesture can help prevent and ease sunburn.

Do Help Your Guests with Their Personal Stuff

Let your family and friends enjoy the day by covering and basing things that they need to have fun, such as fluffy towels, gu lotion, moisturizer, and rubber slippers. You can arrange a makeshift lounge area where your guests can change and keep their belongings.

Don’t Make Things Hard on Yourself

While it is understandable that you want to be the best host, do not let your desire take the fun out of the experience. Your guests are not babies. For as long as you have the basics prepared, let them tend to be themselves, so you have time to mingle and enjoy the party.

The discussion points above are some of the things you should consider when you plan your party. You can get additional information on pool maintenance and safety when you visit Own The Pool. and similar websites created to assist pool owners like you. Keep in mind that the more ideas you collect, the better the chance that you will host an incredible and memorable pool party.

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