Ditch Gutter Balls Earn Strikes

How to Ditch Those Gutter Balls and Earn Strikes

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Ditch Gutter Balls Earn StrikesNo one likes to keep on getting gutter balls! In the game of bowling, a perfect match in ten pins is 300 points. That number comes from consistent strikes in the first nine games, then three in the tenth. If you are scoring way less than that, you may be feeling frustrated.

However, remember the adage that Rome was not built in a day. If you want to increase your score and crush those pins to get a strike, you will have to clock in a lot of hours in practice. Don’t succumb to defeat and give up just yet. With the following tips below, you can work on improving your bowling score. By applying these on your next game, your buddies will be amazed at how you earned your new skills.

Pick the Perfect Ball

In this game, your game is dictated by the right ball. There are various ball sizes, and you have to test several sizes to get the feel of the best one. Don’t go with something just because you can lift it. Test several ones before you settle on your ball size. And do remember, just because a ball is more massive doesn’t mean it is the best. These heavyweights can result in your pins flying up in the air. In contrast, a lighter ball will push those pins over, so they end up hitting one another. In general, professional bowlers go with a 15-pounder when they play.

Mind that Posture and Form

If you’re focusing on just your swing, then you are missing out. Bowling is not merely about throwing that ball with all your might. You have to be concerned about your posture. Make sure your palm is facing the ceiling with your bowling elbow pressed to your rib cage. Do your backswing and keep your arm close to your body. As you move your hands forward, let your elbow graze your torso’s side. Keep your wrist and forearm firm as the ball passes through your front foot. When you release the ball, flick your wrist akin to throwing a football. Don’t forget to follow it through to give your ball power.

Learn Where to Aim

For best results, aim for the pocket. This legendary pocket is the space in between pin 1 and 3 for those who are right-handed. For lefties, it is in between pin 1 and 2. target this pocket if you are aiming to get a strike. When you hit this area with your ball, you are most likely to send all those pins flying down.

Know the Art of a Hook

If you keep an eye on professional bowlers, you will notice that they have a unique bowling style. That funky move they are doing is called the hook. This term is a wonderful bowling technique, which allows the ball to careen down the lane following a curve. Unlike amateurs whose balls head to the pins straight, pros pack a mean hook. If you want to keep on getting a strike, learn the fine art of the hook.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice

Finally, follow what most people like to say, which is “practice makes perfect.” This is applicable for most skills you are trying to learn, and it could not be more accurate with bowling. In this sport, the more you play, the more you will become proficient. As you spend more hours hanging out in your lane, you will discover more tricks to boost your skills. When you diligently work to practice your form and throw, your aim will get better. In time, you will crush everyone with your mighty hook and win your game.

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