Why Decorative Window Films are a Better Choice than Stained Glass?

Decorative Window Films

Tinting films are a fine sheet of vinyl that has the ability to enhance your plain windows, look aesthetically pleasing, and prevent outsiders from taking a peek every now and then into your home. They come in various colours and styles and can even prevent the harsh sun rays from seeping into your home.

You can even cut it with a utility knife or scissors to fit the glass of any size and shape. But that isn’t all; there are many reasons why they are better than stained glass such as the variety of options available, the benefits it offers, as well as the ease of installation.

What are the Different Styles of Tinting Films Available?

There are various styles available in the market. However, the most prominent ones are tinting films that imitate an actual decorative glass. They appear like stained glass and are mostly preferred as they render conventional and classy aesthetics.

Since stained glass window panes are permanent and more expensive. People often go for decorative ones as they are more affordable and provide the flexibility of removing them after a while if they are not happy with the outcome.

With stained glass windowpanes, you can remove them if you do not like them but it would be a waste of your hard-earned money. There are various styles, whether you wish for stained glass design films or films that appear like a mural, there are various kinds of decorative sheets to achieve the look you wish for.

Why should You Install Decorative Films?

Decorative films aren’t solely installed for the purpose of looking good but also to maintain privacy within your home. As most homeowners dislike outsiders looking into their homes, they prefer to get their windows tinted that maintain the aesthetic of their homes.

Decorative sheets are even more essential in areas of your house such as your bathroom. Therefore, owners opt for a film instead of a frosted glass for their bathrooms. Since they are moisture-resistant, you can continue to enjoy your peace without worrying about it.

How to Install Tinted Films?

Installing a tinted film is really easy especially since some of them are designed as such that they do not even require adhesive.

However, you should first thoroughly wash your window with soapy water to ensure it is squeaky clean. Once you have done that, wash your hands thoroughly with soap as the natural oils in your hand could leave imprints on them.

Start by peeling it and applying it to the moist glass surface. The glass surface needs to be sufficiently wet to allow you to position it properly. It is advisable to keep a spray bottle having soapy water at hand while you are installing it just in case you need it. After this, smoothen it out with a squeegee or any other kind of squeezing product to remove the excess air and water.

In Conclusion, decorative films are a better choice as compared to stained glass as they are affordable, they can be easily installed and cut to fit any size or kind of surface, and they maintain privacy within your home without creating a hole in your pocket.

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