A Complete Guide To Buying The Best Commercial Fridge

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Do you need to buy a commercial refrigerator for your business? Well, there are several important factors that you should be thinking about beforehand. These can help you make the right decision when browsing through the different providers with a commercial fridge for sale. After all, getting the right commercial refrigerator can make running your business a whole lot smoother and easier.

Here are some tips and factors to bear in mind so that you can buy the perfect commercial fridge for yourself.

What type of commercial refrigerator do you need?

The type of commercial refrigerator that you should get depends on the daily needs of your business. Undercounter refrigerators are highly space-efficient models, good for storing frequently used ingredients that require easy access. Cabinet fridges that come with glass doors are great for storefront displays as you can see what is kept in them. For businesses that need to store much larger quantities of food, a walk-in refrigerator is the most suitable choice.

Similarly, if you need to keep some frozen goods in addition to refrigerated ones, you can consider getting a refrigerator-freezer combination model. It’s all about finding the right refrigerator for its intended purpose.

Think about the space and layout

Now that you have some idea of what fridge you need, you should think about where you are going to put it. All things considered, the best fridge for your business is one that works well within the space that you have for it.

Make sure you choose a refrigerator that is the right size for your layout, taking into account things like ventilation space and which way the doors will open. Remember that the kitchen refrigerator should also be placed away from appliances that emit heat, such as ovens and steamers.

Is it energy efficient?

Another crucial thing you should look at when choosing a commercial refrigerator is its energy efficiency rating. Certain companies can also incorporate additional energy saving devices when installing your commercial fridge.

Energy efficiency is important, as you will have to pay for energy costs for as long as you keep your commercial fridge running. This means that you are likely better off paying a bit more for an energy-efficient refrigerator, as it could save you money in energy costs in the long run. Not to mention, an energy-efficient fridge is also friendlier in the environment!

What other additional features are there?

Just like with the features dedicated to energy saving, commercial fridges these days are equipped with new technology that can make running your business a lot easier. Gone were the days when commercial refrigerators only had the singular function of keeping your goods cool.

For example, some modern refrigerators come installed with temperature monitoring and alarm systems. These allow temperature checks to be registered automatically by the fridge itself, saving you or your staff the need to check and record the temperatures manually each day.

Don’t forget the warranty and after-sales service

Lastly, don’t forget to look into the warranty policies offered when purchasing a commercial refrigerator. How long will the warranty period last? Usually, the longer the warranty period offered, the more confident the provider is in the quality of their product. You should also take into consideration how extensive the warranty policy is and make note of any exclusions. Furthermore, feel free to enquire about the level of after-sales service provided. Choosing a commercial refrigeration company that cares about the customer experience can be just as important as the specifics of the product itself.

We understand that choosing the right commercial fridge can be a daunting process, so keep our easy and simple guide in mind when buying a commercial refrigerator for your business from the commercial or retail refrigerator store iron mountain refrigeration, or another place.

Bonus Tips:

Where should store food in the fridge?

Ways to maximise the efficiency of your refrigerator. Few tips are here:

Upper shelf

A good place to store dairy products and cooked meats. Tne Samsung
Rack&Shelfm also gives you the ability to store smaller items alongside wine bottles without fear Of them falling through, unlike a conventional wine rack.

Lower shelves

A great place to store items that spoil easily such as raw meat. fish and poultry to prevent the risk of cross contamination.

Bottom drawers

Ideal for fruits and veggies. The drawers let you adjust the temperature and humidity depending on what kind of items you’re storing. Fruits like low humidity while veggies like higher humidity. These can also be used to store raw meat at optimum conditions.

Refrigerator door

The bins in your fridge door are perfect for items most frequently used such as condiments and those that need to be stored upright. like milk. The upper bins are also the ideal place to store fragile items such as eggs.

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