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10 Preventive Maintenance Guidelines from The Best Plumber

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If you keep your plumbing in good shape, you can also protect your home from water damage and save money on repairs. To make sure you get all of these benefits, here are ten things you should think about.

1. Make sure there are no water leaks in your appliances.

Water appliances in your home, such as laundry machines and water heaters, are known for having hidden leaks that can damage your home. Keep an eye out for wet patches and water puddles on the equipment. Under the appliances, there is a drip tray that collects the water that spills. It keeps your walls and floorboards from getting wet. If you find some damage on it you can call plumber Phoenix. 

2. Fix the toilet that keeps gurgling

Seal valves on your valve seat could keep the toilet running. Minerals build up in the seal over time, weakening it. The rubber flapper may need to be replaced to solve this. Plumber Phoenix also can do this service.

3. Make sure the showerhead is clean

Minerals on the showerhead make it hard to get water through the holes. It puts a lot of strain on your water heater! When you take a shower, make sure the water pressure is correct.

4. Check the Water Pressure, then

With the high-water pressure, you might enjoy it when you take a shower, but the force usually puts a lot of strain on your faucets and pipes. It is why. Your water pipe joints weaken and are more likely to burst. Use a pressure gauge to find the high and low-pressure taps on your plumb line. When you notice a significant change in pressure, think about calling a plumber Chandler to check it out.

5. Fix leaky faucets and showerheads.

If your faulty faucet drips one drop every two seconds, it wastes too much water each year. Over time, plumbing leaks get worse. The drips become more frequent, and your water bills go up. Leaks can happen in the faucet or showerhead. Make sure plumber Phoenix is fixed before they get out of hand.

6. Clear Blocked Drains

Clogged drains slow down the flow of water, which causes water to back up and bubble out of the drain holes. You should call a plumber every few months to ensure your drains aren’t clogged. There is a lot of movement when water is flowing down a drain.

7. Watch what you flush down the toilet

As they mix with things like hair and grease, they can form solid masses that get in the way of your drains. All other things should not go down the toilet.

8. Check Your Sewer Drains

Set up a maintenance plan for your sewer pipes. It would be best to have the drains checked every six months to ensure they aren’t blocked or tree roots are getting in. The area should be able to snake the drain and clear out any blockages before they do a lot of damage to it.

9. Pipe insulation

 Insulation stops “water freezing,” which could burst your pipes and cause much damage.

10. Fix Plumbing Problems Right Away

Plumbing problems usually happen at the worst possible times. When the problem is still small, make sure you take care of the problem right away. Find a plumber Chandler can come to your house and check for leaks and fix them.


Preventive plumbing maintenance is essential to keep your plumbing safe and efficient. Your plumbing systems make up 10% of the value of your home. If you have them checked out regularly, you can keep your home’s value up.

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