Garage Gym Guide – 5 Steps To Follow To Turn Your Garage Into A Home Gym

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Garage gyms allow you to workout at the times that suit you best, with all the comforts of home at your fingertips. Read on to discover the best way to convert your garage into a banging home gym.

1. Free up space

Who wants to workout in a cramped, dusty garage full of junk? To ensure you head into every workout in a good headspace, dedicate a day to fully clearing out the garage. If there’s an old hunk of junk lurking in there, remember you can get cash for cars from local wreckers. Move, sell, or trash the rest of your garage clutter and fully clean the space. This will clear the way for a thorough gym transformation while also making it possible for you to open up the garage doors and get some airflow going on hot days.

2. Invest in the basics

Working out on a cold hard concrete floor is going to be terrible for your joints (not to mention the potential for accidents and injuries). Proper gym flooring is a must and can be picked up from your local hardware store at a reasonable price. You may even luck out and find some on Craigslist for a steal. Be sure to measure the space so you know precisely how much to buy.

You may also wish to invest in mirrors so you can check your form. An even better (and cheaper) alternative is to purchase a tripod that can fit your smartphone or digital camera and simply film yourself while doing certain moves. This will give you a clearer view of your form, allowing you to adjust where necessary without the dangers of being distracted by the mirror mid-movement.

3. Be selective with your equipment

Rather than stocking your gym with a plethora of cheap equipment or trying to get by with one of those products that claim to be every piece of equipment in one bizarre-looking machine, take your time and assess what you truly need.

What are your goals? If you’re looking to lose weight, you may need different gym equipment to someone looking to bulk up. Likewise, if you want to improve your strength, stamina, and skills for dancing, you’ll need a different setup than someone looking to build those same attributes in Muay Thai or boxing. Once you have clear goals in mind, do your research and stock up on top-quality essentials such as training bench, dumbbell set, pull-up frame and bar, dumbbell, barbells and plates, kettlebell set, treadmill, stationary bicycle, rowing machine, fitness ball, aerobic steppers, elliptical and more

4. Consider the weather

Once again, this will depend on your unique circumstances. If you’re living in a colder climate, you may need to install insulation and possibly a heating source for the depth of winter. All climates need to ensure the area has adequate airflow, and those who live in tropical or subtropical climates might need something like a portable air-conditioner to ensure the garage gym is comfortable.

5. Make it fun

This could involve setting up surround-sound speakers and a good quality stereo; maybe you want a wall-mounted TV so you can play fights to get you in the mood for hitting the heavy bag. Alternatively, perhaps all it takes to get you in the mood for exercise are some brightly colored walls and a diffuser that fills the space with your favorite scent. Whatever gets you motivated, get it in your garage gym and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Follow the tips above and you’ll have a beautiful home workout space that saves you money on gym fees while encouraging you to exercise more.

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