4 Benefits Of Using 80 Lowers Instead Of Pre-Built

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Rifles have been very customizable in recent times. An 80% lower receiver is one of these custom components. It is not a firearm legally and can be purchased without a license or paperwork transfer. In order to finish the custom rifle, the remaining parts are to be bought separately, and the 80 percent lower receiver requires some drilling.

These are made from billets of solid aluminum blocks, and the process depends upon the CNC machine to produce 80 lower receivers. Their production requires precision, so completion takes some time, but the result is worth the effort. The following article explains the four benefits of using 80 lowers components in customization instead of pre-built firearms.

1. Cost

The process saves cost as compared to customizing a completely pre-built pistol. However, kits may be cheaper or the same price as a pre-built arm, so money can be saved by choosing how much and which components you use in customization.

Most people do not save money while building their firearm and put a lot of money into a highly functional, loaded 80% lower. It is also a fact that some inexperienced people end up spending more money on a customized choice than if they bought a pre-made gun. It is not recommended to go into handgun construction with the main aim of saving money.

2. Control

When a firearm composition kit is bought, it gives you control over the product. You decide the major components, and a unique, customized handgun is made. It is also not considered a firearm since it is only 80% built at the time of purchase which saves a lot of trouble. The entire process of making is under your control, which makes your self-built 80 lower arm more personal and well-built. If you are looking for the best parts, 80 lowers from 80% Arms are built better than the rest and are quite easy to use.

3. Innovation

A very good reason to get a kit is due to the creativity and innovation that comes with it. Many rifles are decades-old designs, but 80 lower arms provide the opportunity for many design improvements, with lighter combinations and new receivers. However, 80 percent of firearms are evaluated for more than their weight. These parts are self-contained and allow many options. The innovation in gun design can be compared with that of high-end electric cars or solar energy firms, which drive themselves based on design and innovation.

4. Ease

Buying an 80 percent lower saves you from a lot of hassle as you are only buying parts and not a firearm, so you do not need to deal with paperwork and licensing which can be the stressful part of getting a pre-manufactured weapon. This also counts as a big financial saving as licenses require renewing from time to time, and there can be long waiting periods.

If you have the idea that building your firearm is too hard, then that is certainly not the case. All you need is a proper space like a garage, and all the tools that you require for the process are readily available.

Moreover, if a jig is purchased, that helps you prepare more than one firearm as it is a drill press and a CNC machine on its own. It can also become a hobby and can act as a future investment through this.

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