5 Brilliant Benefits of LED Lights for Commercial Use

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64 billion big ones.

That is how much the estimated global market volume of LED lighting will be in 2020 according to Statista. That is also quite a jump from the market volume outlook in 2016 of 37 billion euros, where it tied with green traditional products.

Flipping the Switch

2020 is still a couple of years away, but it is no wonder that new LED lighting technology is taking the world by storm. These lighting solutions that use light-emitting diodes and get their energy from direct current are great sources of illumination not only used in homes. From cars to mega-complexes, the uses of LED lights span to industrial and commercial uses.


Many have migrated to using LED lights in their commercial establishments simply because of the glaring benefits these fixtures bring. To appreciate the reasons behind the switch, here are five benefits that make LED lights the bright spots in the lighting industry:

1. A long lifespan

The average lifespan of an LED light fixture is 50,000 hours. These finely crafted lights can last for about two years without needing replacement. This is also because leading manufacturers ensure that these fixtures are of superior quality through the implementation of closely monitored manufacturing procedures. Top LED light products in the market have been tested to sustain up to 70% of their initial brightness levels.

LEDs are also tougher compared to incandescent bulbs. They can withstand cold climates, sweltering hot weather, or the moody temperature swings that the planet is experiencing. This means commercial complexes can use these virtually anywhere on their property. They also impact- and shock-resistant.

2. Energy efficiency

LED lamps are also energy-efficient. Typically, these fixtures use approximately 25 to 80 percent less energy than traditional light bulbs.

In the United States, it is forecasted that widespread use of these lighting fixtures can save the country up to 348 TWh of electricity, compared to not using LED lights at all. The savings are akin to the electrical output of 44 large power plants producing 1000 megawatts each.

3. Financial savings

Based on the energy figures mentioned above, there are monetary savings of $30 billion to be had if we use today’s rates.

That is why a lot of industrial and commercial enterprises have decided to use industrial LED floodlights and other LED lighting products in their facilities to take advantage of the cut in electrical costs. LEDs are being utilized to light up parking lots, streets, shopping malls, beauty salons, clothing stores, and many other establishments.

Since LEDs last longer and do not need frequent replacement, overhead costs are reduced. Costs for air conditioning consumption have also shrunk because LEDs emit less heat compared to traditional incandescent or halogen lights.

4. A positive impact on health

LED lights to come in a variety of colors, light levels, directions, shapes, and sizes. This means they are highly customizable, and is also a reason why designers and architects prefer to use them in commercial spaces.

Offices and workspaces also prefer LED lighting as it can be arranged in a variety of ways. Reading lamps, desks, and task lighting fixtures improve visibility for the task at hand and help contribute to better productivity.

LEDs also do not contain mercury, have little to no ultraviolet (UV) emissions, and do not generate magnetic or electric fields that can harm human health.

5. Eco-friendliness

Since LEDs do not produce too much heat and do not contain harmful chemicals like mercury, they are also gentler to the environment. Being energy efficient, they cut down on energy consumption that reduces the carbon footprint on the planet. Because you don’t need to replace LEDs as often as traditional lighting fixtures, this also translates to less material waste.

Bright Ideas

With all the advantages come the many applications that designers, engineers, architects, and other professionals think of regarding the use of LED lights. The benefits of using these new light technologies spur creativity in terms of flexibility when applied to create commercial spaces that work.

For better lit, energy-efficient buildings and facilities, smart entrepreneurs choose LED lighting. They have been enlightened to its rewards and are enjoying the returns on their wise investment.

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