5 Home Decorating Ideas When Renting

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Renting Home Decorating Ideas

Not everyone owns a home and even those that have one have to live a portion of their life renting. I myself have spent a couple of years renting and the one thing that bothered me most was spending money on improving and decorating the place. However, it didn’t mean that I had to live in a drab and ugly place. On the contrary! I asked a few more experienced than me friends for advice and they were really helpful. They told me to use decorations that I can take with me when I leave the place.

I was surprised at first how is it ever possible to decorate a place and then take down the decorations when you leave it? Well, if you’re curious to know, I have listed 5 of the best ideas I’ve come up with so far.

Floor Lamps

The first lesson my friends taught me was to never screw anything to walls or ceiling and thus can’t load on a truck – forget about light fixtures. Instead of investing time and money replacing light fixtures use floor lamps. You have a broad selection of styles and you can always use one at your next home.

Get Potted Plants

Needless to say plants can liven up and refresh a place. No matter if they are inside or outside. However, before you spend your next paycheck on plants, think well if you want to plant them into the ground. You’ll leave them behind, if you do so. It would be great for the landlord and tenants after you, but what’s in there for you? So, use potted plants instead. You can place them wherever you want without your landlord objecting. Apart from that, you can always pick up the pot and leave.

Use Rugs Instead of Carpeting

Installing new carpet in a rented property is not a good idea. First, new carpeting is really expensive. Second, when you leave you can’t take it with you. Thus your only option in such cases are area or Persian rugs. There are lots of stores which sell decent quality floor coverings at reasonable prices. What’s more, keeping a rug clean is much more easier and cheaper that taking care for a wall-to-wall carpet. And you can always roll-up a rug, put it in a bag and load it on a truck. Try to do this with a carpet?

Buy Art, not Paint

Most landlords will be more than happy to get their property painted out of your pocket. There are instances when the money you spend will come out of the rent but it’s really rare. Only then it’s worthwhile refreshing the place with a coat of paint. In all other cases simply use art works to add colour or hide a deficiency. You can find lots of great original pieces or well-done replicas in thrift shops or flea markets.

Use Pillows and Slipcovers to Decorate

Embrace and use the power of pillows and slipcovers. Pillows are small, cheap and yet can achieve a great new look for any sofa. When combined with more sets, you get a nice and distinctive home interior for almost nothing. Another great idea is to use slipcovers. You can hide or mask significant deficiencies like totally stained sofa or recliner and add more colour to every room and space. When you’re on the move you simply wash, dry and pack them for your new place!

So these are some ideas to decor your rental home easily.


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