Challenges Refrigerated Transportation

5 Most Common Challenges In Refrigerated Transportation

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Challenges Refrigerated Transportation

The refrigerated transport industry in Australia alone is estimated to be worth $14 billion. That illustrates just how many goods are shipped every day across the country and even further afield.

There are many challenges that you have to face in refrigerated transportation. This will help to ensure your goods get where they are going in perfect condition.

1. Temperature Changes

The most obvious issue facing everyone involved in the refrigeration industry is temperature. The temperature inside each truck must be controlled to ensure the items inside stay within a designated temperature range.

Of course, the temperature outside of the truck can range from extremely hot to below freezing. It depends on where you are located, the time of year, and where the product is going.

In short, the system inside the truck needs to be hardy enough to maintain the temperature inside regardless of what is happening outside.

A good monitoring system will check the temperature constantly and have a wireless connection. If the temperature approaches the extremes of its limits a warning will be sent to the driver and the head office. It will provide a second alert if the temperature goes outside the range. That means you’ll need to take rapid action to resolve the issue.

2. Equipment failure

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns in the industry is equipment failure. If your temperature regulation system fails then the product can quickly go bad. That’s fatal for everyone involved.

A good transportation firm will have backup systems to ensure the temperature is correctly monitored and, if necessary, a secondary truck can be dispatched.   

The best way to prevent equipment failure is to have it regularly serviced and replace it when it starts to get too old. However, the transport industry is very competitive, it can be hard to justify the additional outlay.

3. Driver Error

Driver error covers a lot of things, including driving under a bridge that isn’t tall enough for the truck. But, the main concern with driver error is that they set the controls wrong and maintain the wrong temperature range.

Training and a system of double-checking are essential to prevent this from being an issue.

4. Delayed Deliveries

Another huge problem that every refrigerated transport firm needs to deal with is delayed deliveries. Deliveries can be delayed through driving errors, as mentioned above.

But, they can also be delayed by road closures, traffic jams, and other factors that are beyond your control. In these instances, you need to assess how long the product can last in the refrigerated transport and how the driver will ensure it has the right conditions.

This can be a difficult balancing act, every business should have the plan to cover this type of scenario.

5. Regulations

To make things more complicated there are an established set of regulations covering the transportation of refrigerated goods and your transport provider should be aware of all the regulations, and any recent changes, and make sure that they comply with all the rules. They are reviewed and updated regularly.

This can be difficult as funds are generally tight. But, if the company you choose doesn’t comply then you may end up liable for the damaged product. That’s one expenditure you don’t want. If you are looking for the best refrigerated transportation then you need to know the most common challenges and how your chosen company prepares for them.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are in the refrigerated transport industry or looking for reliable transportation, being aware of the most common problems will help to ensure that you choose the right service and that your items are looked after properly.

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