Product Design Increases Brand Awareness

5 Reasons Why Product Design Increases Brand Awareness

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Product Design Increases Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a major element in the success of any brand. With fierce competition in the market and shrinking attention spans of consumers, it’s the only way you can sustainably grow your customer base.

But did you know most consumers judge a brand by how its products and packaging look? This is why, if you are a brand and interested in increasing brand awareness, you should always pay a great deal of attention to product design.

In this article, we will look at some of the main reasons why investing in product design is essential for increasing brand awareness and getting the best results from your marketing campaigns. But before that, let’s understand what product rendering is all about and when brands should invest in it.

What is product rendering and where is it used?

Product rendering is a design-focused process through which you can create a realistic depiction of any product with the help of graphics and software. The job is done by a professional graphic designer, based on the inputs received from the product developers.

3D product rendering is commonly used for creating high-resolution images and videos for advertising purposes. Although businesses of all sizes would gain from product modelling, it’s most beneficial for you if you’re a startup, manufacturer, product marketer, brand, product developer or business preparing for a product launch, marketing campaign, sales pitch or seeking funding from investors.

Getting product design right isn’t as complex as it may initially seem. These days, professional-quality 3D design services provided by freelancers are way more accessible and affordable than hiring a photographer or looking for a design agency that can fit the bill.

When are brands supposed to create product designs?

There are various in a brand’s journey when it should invest in creating high quality and flawless product designs:

  • While developing a product
  • Preparing for a product launch
  • Setting up a marketing campaign
  • Publishing product-related information on the website or social media
  • Preparing a pitch for clients or investors
  • When presenting at an Expo

5 Ways a Good Product Design Can Increase Brand Awareness

Good product design attracts more customers

The fact that your product design looks better than your competitors is big enough of a reason for customers to choose your product over theirs. In fact, it makes your product stand out from the competition, and if the quality of your product is also good, then your brand is sure to attract loyal customers. On the other hand, if your design is weak, chances are your products won’t be able to gain much traction in the market and your brand could eventually be crushed by the competition.

Good product design leaves a good first impression

Creating a good product design can impress your target audience and make them curious about your brand. Ideally, it should be something so unique and appealing that it stays in their memory for a long time.

Keep in mind that what they are seeing is their first impression about not just your product but also your brand, so it better be good if you want them to purchase your products and keep them coming back for more. Without leaving a solid first impression, you won’t be able to attract many customers.

Good product design is an essential part of a good branding strategy

Without a consistent branding strategy, it will be hard to build a following of loyal customers. In fact, if your product design isn’t consistent with your branding strategy, it can be a big turn-off for both new and existing customers. You should never assume that they can’t notice whether or not your product design suits your branding or that they’re just looking for products that meet their requirements. This is because when consumers make purchase decisions, they tend to give more priority to the brand’s identity than the product itself.

Good design attracts loyal customers

Customers are not just looking for a good product but also a brand that they can relate to and have an emotional connection with. If they find your product design appealing, they are not only more likely to buy your product but also to recommend your product to other people in their network who have similar shopping behaviour.

Good product design is crucial for the success of your marketing campaign

Regardless of whether your marketing efforts are invested online or offline, the success of your campaigns heavily relies on the quality of your product design. If it’s something that gets the attention of your target customers, then you have done your job well. Otherwise, you would be leaving money on the table.

Final Thoughts

Good design is all about demonstrating the value your brand has to offer and it can go a long way towards ensuring your brand identity and the products you introduce to the market are well received. Eventually, the growth in brand awareness you achieve with the help of this effort will grow your brand and also your bottom line.

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