Signs Spouse Acting Weird

5 Signs Your Spouse is Acting Weird 

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Signs Spouse Acting Weird

Do you suspect that your partner is up to something? Have they been acting weirder than usual? Cold and distance? There is a chance that your spouse could be up to something – but how can you really tell?

You keep an eye out for these signs.

Five Signs Your Partner is Acting Weird 

1. Unusual Erratic Behaviour

People acting suspiciously will change their habits. It could be anything from them acting cold, or worse, getting violent? If you notice anything like this, there could be a sign that something is happening without you knowing.

2. Change in Phone Behaviour

A person who is acting suspiciously might start playing games with their phone. For example, they may leave it on silent so that you can’t reach them or not responding back to texts for hours. This could also mean that they are trying to avoid detection as you try to investigate their location or activities.

3. The Police Have Contacted You or Them

This is another sign that something is up: the police are contacting you or your partner directly. Police can use what is called “the five W’s” when asking questions. These are: who, what, where, why, and when. Needless to say, this is a big red flag and a sign that something is up.

Being investigated doesn’t always mean your partner has done something wrong, but simply means that they have been identified for a reason. There are also other reasons why police will investigate someone, including traffic offences or sexual assault cases where people run away from the scene. It’s best to contact a criminal lawyer right away.

4. Late-Night Visits

Does your partner go off in the night for hours on end? Do they come home late or leave super early in the morning? While there is nothing wrong with being out late at night, if it’s not your partner’s usual routine, then you know something is wrong. Keep an eye out for the time and the reasons why they were out late.

5. Their Money Habits Have Changed

Is your spouse suddenly spending too much money on stuff without telling you? Or have you noticed that large wads of cash are missing from your accounts? A change in money habits means that your partner is doing something that you don’t want to know about.

What’s the Next Step?

Collect evidence and confront them. There is no other way to do it. Lay out your evidence on the table and the signs that you know they are up to something. Explain what you’re noticing and then give reasons why you suspect something is up.

You might have your suspicions – are they cheating on you? Gambling or taking drugs? Whatever they are, it’s best if you outright confirm them and demand answers.

If they refuse to give anything or lie outright to your face, you have further evidence that something is up. Keep pressing them until they crack.

Once the truth is revealed, you can now decide the next step of your relationship.

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