6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool at Home

Keep Pet Cool at Home

The heat monster has been on a rampage. The days and nights are so hot that you wonder if the monster needs a sacrifice to appease it. Stepping out of home feels like a task. You want to stay indoors to enjoy the air conditioning.

Well, it is not only humans that feel the heat. Your pets are also suffering from the punishment the heat monster is doling out. It could explain why they seem so lethargic. Even the ever-active hamster is taking a break.

Well, there are ways you can help them. We will show you how to keep your pets cool at home.  

1. Keep Water Bowls Full and Stock Up on Frozen Treats

Do you know how you drink so much water when it is hot? The same applies to your pets. Ensure their bowls are always full of fresh water. Throw in a few ice cubes to keep the water chilly. Help it stay this way longer by placing the bowl under a shade.

And keep the animals indoors as much as you can. That way, the air conditioner helps them stay cool. They also avoid the direct heat that is outside.

They may not like it and could try to get outside. In that case, a hi-tech pet fence is what you need. It will keep the animals within a specific boundary that you have designated. These work especially well if you do not have a fence around the property.  

Stock up on frozen treats for the little furry creatures. Wait, don’t run to the store just yet. There are plenty of quick-frozen treats recipes online.   

2. Ensure Optimal Humidity for the Reptile Enclosures

Do you have a pet reptile living in an enclosure? Then you must make sure there is enough moisture within. Hot temperatures will dry the air, which could affect your pet. You see, reptiles need a lot of moisture for various reasons. The most important is hydration.

Moisture also helps with egg incubation, shedding, and bodily functions. Investing in an automatic terrarium mister is a good idea. During hot days, you can create artificial humidity within the enclosure.   

Also, consider investing in a Zoo Med heat lamp. It is an excellent heat source for when the need arises. Reptiles need heat for breeding and feeding. And the lamp will light up the terrarium at night. Nocturnal viewing can be a fantastic way to relax.  

3. Choose the Best Dog Walking Times

Maybe this should go without saying. It is unlikely that you will want to be out walking the dog in the middle of the day when it is hot. But just in case you have a zealous dog walker, spare your pet the trauma.  

Only take walks before 8 am and after 8 pm. Temperatures will have dropped significantly at that point. And, your pooch won’t have to play imaginary hopscotch to avoid the hot surfaces.

Try to avoid excessive exercise in hot weather. It is crucial to prevent dehydration and overheating. Check out some of our tips on how to keep your dog fit.

Please, don’t forget to use dog-friendly sunscreen. Like you, dogs can get sunburned. Accessorize your dog with a cute fashion pet dog coat or cooling vest. Who says they don’t want to be cute during their daily walks? 

Bring along some drinking water. Buy a collapsible drinking bowl to avoid carrying the actual bowl. You can shop for your pet needs at the cutest pet supplies. Treat your pets with all the goodies found in this store.

4. A Dip in the Pool Keeps the Heat Away

Who does not love a dip on a hot day? Well, be ready to share the space. Your family pooch will be frolicking in the pool with everyone else.

If the home does not have a pool, a blow-up kiddie one will do. If that is also not an option, fill a large basin with water for the dog.

The other alternative is to use a garden hose or sprinkler to cool down everyone. Your kids will love it, and so will the family pet. And yes, please join in the fun as well.   

5. Create a Cool Environment Within the Home

Ensure that the conditions within the home are always cool. It should apply even if you are not there. Do not, for example, switch off the air conditioner, forgetting that the pets will need cool air. If the AC is not working, please leave the fans on.  

Minimize the amount of heat that comes into the home with blinds or curtains. Let the animals have a comfortable resting place. You want to avoid excessive heat buildup on the stomach. Tile floors will heat up where there is direct sunlight.

Your pets will get very hot lying on such. A good idea is to elevate them slightly off the hot floor. The other option is to make a towel or blanket damp, and let the pet lie on it. You can also buy them cooling mats.

If you have cats, the right furniture will give them a resting place on hot days.

6. Watch Out for Heatstroke

Is it possible for pets to suffer from heatstroke? The answer is yes. Dogs are especially susceptible. It gets worse if the canine is obese or has very thick fur.

Heatstroke occurs when the body can no longer regulate internal temperatures. Some symptoms include lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive panting. If you check the gums, they will also look abnormally red.

If you do not catch it in time, heatstroke can kill. Immediately you notice the symptoms, rush the animal to the vet. Meanwhile, take some steps to lower the body temperature. You could, for example, hose them down or drench them with lukewarm water.  

Final Thoughts

Keeping our pets cool at home is not hard. Approach it by placing yourself in their shoes. What are some things you do or need when it gets hot? Plenty of hydration should be at the top of the list. Frozen treats can also help lower temperatures. 

Avoiding the outdoors and keeping the AC and fans on will circulate the air. For reptiles, an automatic terrarium mister can regulate the humidity, thus ensuring optimal conditions.

And, it is vital to teach yourself how to identify heatstroke and the proper steps to take. It could mean the difference between a fatality and saving your pet’s life.

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