The Latest Trends in Ceramic Floor Tiles

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Classic-Tile-TrendsUnique, durable, and elegant tile floors have been at the forefront of what I like to call the flooring revolution. For years, tile has been known as an affordable alternative to natural stone. It has been essential in bathrooms, kitchens, and other water-sensitive zones.

Who would know that porcelain and ceramic tiles would one day compete with warm, traditional hardwood floors?

Over the past decade, mosaics have been completely peeled off, attractively imitating the warmer aspects of wood and even spreading to new textures to provide the most attractive appearance.

In 2020, so far we have seen a focus on large, wood-looking planks, eye-catching patterns, classic tile designs, and many bright new looks.

  1. Magical Moroccan

Known for its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and mix of textures, the Moroccan style has become one of the most beautiful trends of the year. It is evidenced by the worldwide success of North African handicrafts such as Berber carpets, raffia baskets, metal lanterns, and Moroccan decorative tiles.

The trend will continue until 2021 and it is also a timeless style that will have no date. Add a little extra color and create a unique look, full of patterns and life, using hydraulic ceramic tiles, which are durable and extremely easy to install and clean. They are also appropriate for most walls and floors.

  1. Matte Finish Tile

The popularity of matte finish tile still rising. They present a smooth but powerful style of beauty that doesn’t get too overwhelming. One advantage of matt tiles is that they do not show stains and watermarks as simply as glossy tiles.

This styles them ideal for the bathroom floor, especially in busy bathrooms. Their low gloss facilitates their maintenance. When installing matte finish tiles, make sure there is enough lighting, both natural and artificial, as these tiles are not known to reflect light.

  1. Ocean Glass Grey Tile

Hand-poured glass with a cloud effect adds an elegant look to the traditional design of subway tiles. The shades of gray in a pale and opaque palette form glass tiles that you have never seen elsewhere.

These murky tiles are sure to stand out as a centerpiece of design wherever they are installed. Their neutral color also allows these glass tiles to adapt to a wide range of colors. Decorating kitchens, bathrooms, and other configurations, metros can adapt to all kinds of styles, from traditional to modern.

Metro mosaics have traditionally been installed in a staggered format, but different orientations can form herringbone and basket weaving patterns for those who wish to have greater visual interest. They can be used alone or with different colors as decorative strips for bathroom or kitchen tiles. Not to mention, the glass tiles are also resistant to stains, fungi, and allergens.

  1. Texture Tile Finishes

Add variation, depth of color, and surface interest to any bathroom area by incorporating textured field tiles. The textures can appear subtle or pronounced depending on the material used, the finish applied, and the desired color. The rake sounds like its name. It’s like someone tosses a rake on the surface and leaves all the lines on the surface.

Three-dimensional mosaics can inspire almost anything, from a feeling to an object or place. But when all is said and done, it is generally considered a work of art. This category is available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles which can be combined in endless combinations to obtain a unique space.

  1. Art Deco Exuberance

Decorative Art Deco fan patterns take the lead for 2020. Turquoise Fish Scale ceramic tiles from Otto Tiles & design are perfect for creating a characteristic wall with its rounded shape and curved lines.

These offer a welcome escape from classic square tiles, of metro bricks and angular geometric patterns. The bold and playful color is a simple but effective tool for personalizing a space.

  1. Large Tile

The tile continues to large and larger. The look of wood plank is still maintained but now they are getting bigger and up to 48 “long. There are now large format porcelains that can replace the stone that will be used in the shower walls or in a splash guard.

It is more difficult to install large tile and there is a shortage of qualified and experienced installers to install it.

  1. Replicating Wood Tile

The veiny patterns of polished and varnished wood have a timeless flavor; Add the durability of ceramics and you get tiles that add a vintage touch to any space.

With selections like oak, rosewood, wood slats, maple, art wood, and many others, the RAK wood art collection is not just completely brown. Not forgetting the knots and swirls of classic wood patterns in the tiles that set these products apart from others.

Let your imagination run wild and create your perfect home with the right type of tiled floor!

Meta Description: In 2020, so far we’ve seen an emphasis on large, wood-looking planks, matte finishes, eye-catching patterns, classic tile designs, and many bright new looks.

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