6 Way to Get More for Your Money on Date Night

budget Night dating
Learn how to break out the feast without breaking the bank, and find a few more reasons to go to dinner with your date partner or family.

Eat a light meal before you go out

It is too easy to rack up a $30-$40 billion bar snacks alone. Reduce your hunger by having a small meal at home in the late afternoon. Even a large glass of water can take the edge off without ruining your appetite entirely.

Check the menu prices

It is not uncommon to go to a restaurant and realize the cheapest main course is $35. Prevent nasty surprises by checking out the menu before you book. It is also worth finding out if it is BYO.

Hit up the happy hour!

If you want to impress by starting the night out with cocktails, plan to make the happy hour when drinks are often half price. Otherwise, after two cocktails each, you will find yourself at least $80 out of pocket.

Book your parking

Can you not get to the train station? Parking can be expensive but you can save by booking online in advance instead of paying casual rates. Just Park, Park Whiz, and Secure parking offer cheaper evening and weekend parking when booking through their website before you head into town.

Pick your meal

Ordering share plates like tapas, Yum Cha, antipasto plates and sushi platters are a great way to spread the cost of a meal. Instead of two entrees or two desserts, you can share one dish. Sharing also gives you variety in the dining experience without having to order multiple sides.

Look online

Technology is changing everything, and hospitality is no exception. Diners are flocking to apps to get reviews, bookings, and even rewards. Find which app or website offers such kind of offers and discount. You can also compare the price of different hotels or restaurants before going to tonight dinner.

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