Uses of Powder Coating for Different Applications and Machines

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Powder coating is based on polymer resin systems and applied as a free-flowing & dry powder, also combined with curatives, leveling agents, flow modifiers, pigments, and other additives. Powder coating also allows you to much thicker coatings without sagging or running.

The main types of powder coating are thermosets, thermoplastics, UV curable, epoxies, polyesters, super durable polyesters, epoxy-polyester hybrids, fluoropolymers, and urethanes. Powder coating is better than paint because of efficient, low cost, durable, with different varieties, environmentally safe, quality paint, and low maintenance. A spray gun, powder, and other safety equipment are required when you need to apply powder coating.

Common Uses or Where Should Apply Powder Coating

The most manufacturer has started using a powder coating system due to its a lot of advantages. The following are different applications and things where it is used.


Powder coating is used on many automobile parts, including the outer body, aluminum wheels, chassis, interior, and exterior trim, roof racks, and suspension components. Advanced technology is used for powder coating in the automobile industry such as robots with an auto-coating guns.


Aluminium is a lightweight, silvery-white, soft, and malleable metal. Aluminum is used in a variety of products including foils, cans, kitchen utensils, office cabins, window & door frames, aeroplane parts, and more. A powder coating is applied to make it more colorful, durable, and decorative.

Steel and iron

Stainless steel is a chromium, corrosion-resistant alloy of iron, nickel, and other metals. Some steel and iron are prone to rust and rough surface. So powder coating is applied on it to make it smooth, cleaner, and rust-resistance. Powder coating increases its longevity, durability, and look.

Industries machine

Powder coating is also used for different industrial applications and machines such as food processing units, storage tanks, centrifuges, mixers, electric generators, air compressors, cranes, material handling equipment, shredders, bins, conveyor belts, packing machinery, lifts, milling, motors, and CNC machines. The powder coating is done by using Ramseier Koatings powder coating system, spray booth, gun, oven, and coating material.


In the modern world, where traditional painting systems can not reach, a powder spray coating can be applied easily. Powder coating on wood provides a beautiful look, and a seamless finish in every color, more sustainable, and durable. The walls look more bright and have equal paint on the wall surface without spots.


Plastic is the most used thing around us. Plastic has a relatively low lifetime cost compared with competing materials but it has a high strength-to-weight ratio, toughness, stiffness ductility, bio-inertness, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high thermal/electrical insulation, and outstanding durability. Powder coating overspray on plastic can be recycled making plastic possible to achieve nearly 100% use. It also helps to make the plastic more smooth, more colorful, and look good.

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