Are Clear Braces More Expensive Than Regular Metal

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Clear-Braces-More-ExpensiveMost adults detest wearing traditional braces as they look quite unappealing. But over the past few years, advances in cosmetic dentistry have to lead to the invention of clear braces.

And clear braces have to give new hope to people who have been hiding their smiles for years due to crooked or misaligned teeth. So if you want to perfect your smile but don’t want to wear the traditional braces, clear braces can be a wonderful alternative.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces consist of aligners that are customized for your teeth. They work similarly to traditional braces and can help align your teeth to fix gaps, overcrowding, and crooked teeth.

Unlike traditional braces made with metallic brackets and wires, clear braces are made of soft plastic. So they are almost unnoticeable when you smile unless someone looks up from a really close distance. This makes them a really popular choice among adults who prefer treating their orthodontal concerns discreetly.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

The treatment starts with a personal consultation where the dentist will assess your needs and come up with a suitable treatment plan. The treatment may take anywhere between 6 months to 2 years depending on the extent of the orthodontic misalignment.

The patient is given a new set of aligners at regular intervals to increase the pressure exerted on their teeth. The dentist keeps monitoring the progress throughout the treatment period to make sure your goals are met.

How Much Will Clear Braces Cost?

It is hard to determine the exact cost of this treatment as it depends on the severity of your situation. So the cost varies for each patient based on the duration of treatment. But yes, the overall cost of clear braces is slightly more expensive than traditional metal braces.

But if you do a cost-benefit analysis, clear braces prove to be a worthy investment. During the treatment, you can eat all your favorite foods and there will be no sharp wires poking the soft tissues in your mouth.

Clear braces also help improve overall dental hygiene and bite. So you will also save money on dentist appointments. And of course, they will boost your self-confidence as the braces are almost invisible.

So you can carry on with your daily life and smile freely without feeling self-conscious.

Currently, there are two types of clear braces available- Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Both work similarly but vary slightly in terms of the material of aligners and the cost involved. The dentist recommends Clear Correct to patients who require minor corrections and are looking for an affordable treatment plan.

But not everyone is a suitable candidate for clear braces. So if you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, a cosmetic dentist from Austin, Texas answered some frequently asked questions about clear braces to help patients decide if it is the right treatment for them.

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