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Boost Your Curb Appeal With Home Painting

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Let’s face it: selling a home is stressful. At times, it can feel as if there are a million miles between where your home is today and where it needs to be to list. Many homeowners, overwhelmed by all the furniture that needs to be moved and essential repairs that need to be made, don’t even think about optimizing their home’s value through upgrades. After all, while it’s not impossible to do a major project right before the sale, the final three weeks prior to the listing are very late in the game for a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

However, there is one value-boosting project that’s a perfect fit for this late stage: interior and exterior painting. In this article, we’ll review what makes painting a good choice for your soon-to-be-listed home, as well as how you can maximize your value and return-on-investment.

Exterior paint

Throughout the course of the year and all its seasons, your home’s exterior takes the full force of sun, rain, snow, ice, and wind. It’s enough to wear down even the most resilient exterior. After a few years, your home’s once-vibrant exterior paint will start to fade, peel, and deteriorate. If you’re trying to prep your home for sale, this is a less-than-great look for your property. You’ll need to paint the exterior of your home before listing.

Should you hire a professional?

Everything said about interior painting also applies here, but there are several additional factors to consider. Exterior painting requires additional research, attention, prep work, and care. The paint used and how it is applied depends on the exterior type of your home. The incorrect paint or application could result in visible issues right away, detracting from your home’s value and depressing its curb appeal. That’s before you even consider the regulations of your neighborhood’s homeowner’s association, which may dictate the exact colors of paint you need to use.

Given the potential complexity of exterior Phoenix house painting and your accelerated timeline ahead of listing, you should consider bringing in a professional painter. The right exterior paint can make-or-break your home sale. After all, the front of your home is the first thing many buyers are going to see when they scroll past your listing online or drive past it in the real world. You want to make the right first impression.

What will this cost?

According to data from HomeAdvisor, homeowners can expect to pay between $500 – $1,000 if repainting their home’s exterior themselves. On average, a professional costs about $2,800, but the final estimate depends greatly on the square footage of the home, the exterior material, and a number of other individual factors.

Paint your interior walls

In many ways, interior painting is the perfect pre-listing project. It adds value, makes your home more attractive, is relatively inexpensive, and can be completed in just a few weekends. There are few last-minute projects with this kind of immediate ROI. New paint positively influences every stage of your home sale, from the online photos of your home to the open house. It’s why 66% of realtors recommend painting the interior (and exterior) of the home before putting it on the market.

If the walls of your kitchen, living room and bedrooms have seen their share of wear-and-tear, it’s time for a change.

Should you hire a professional?

Interior painting can be a relatively DIY-friendly project – provided you have the time to devote to handling all the work yourself. The three weeks leading up to listing your home may be the busiest time of your life. If you’re putting in the many hours to paint your home, that time is going to have to come from somewhere. It might mean pushing out your list date or forgoing other preparations. This may or may not be a realistic option for you and your home.

When time is of the essence and the stakes are high, hiring a professional just makes sense. Working with an experienced painter guarantees several things. First, your project is going to be done on time: unlike a homeowner, a painter can exclusively focus their time and attention on finishing the project. DIY painting – especially that completed by a distracted homeowner could lead to a less-than-perfect finish. With a professional painter on the job, the quality of the work is never going to be a question mark hanging over your home’s future sale.

What will this cost?

According to the finance site The Balance, painting your own home will cost about $500 in total. Hiring a professional will generally cost about $300-$500 per room, but the project will be done far more quickly and professionally.

Finish prepping your home for listing

Once you’ve finished repainting the interior and exterior of your home, it’s ready for its close-up. Now, more than ever, great photos and videos are the secret ingredients to selling your home quickly at maximum value. Talk to your realtor: you may even want to weigh the pros and cons of staging your home with furniture to complement your new paint and show its best side. High-quality photos will help your property stand out from other “comps” on the market, especially in online listings. Of course, a home that looks great in photos will also look great in real life, too, which means you’ll be able to impress the right buyer, at the right time.

As simple as it may sound, it all starts with the paint. If you’re planning on selling your home this summer, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about its interior and exterior painting needs. For a full breakdown of the costs and ROI associated with home painting- as well as a complete pros-and-cons guide to DIY vs. professional work -check out this infographic:

Curb Appeal With Home Painting

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