The Importance of Oral Hygiene for a Lifelong Healthy Smile

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If you’re like most people who go to the dentist, you likely ramp up your oral hygiene habits right before going to the dentist. No one likes a lecture from their dental hygienist about flossing, but that’s what tends to happen when a lack of flossing leads to plaque buildup. The hygienist can always tell!

The great news is, dental hygiene does not have to be too difficult or time-consuming, as long as you make it a habit.

Following simple steps to keep up your dental health will not only help you avoid the bi-annual lecture at the dentist. But most importantly, it will give you a healthy smile your whole life long.

Why is dental hygiene so important?

It’s easy to slack off when it comes to oral hygiene, especially when life gets busy. Who has time to brush twice a day, floss once a day, use mouthwash, and drink plenty of water?

Well, the truth is, you don’t have time not to care about dental hygiene. Your oral health is connected to your overall health. Beyond that, a lifelong healthy smile means you will have a life filled with confidence (and save money on major dental surgeries to correct a lack of oral hygiene).

Oral hygiene is connected to overall health.

The most important reason you should care about your oral health is that oral hygiene is actually connected to your overall health.

When your gums are unhealthy, or your mouth is filled with harmful bacteria, that could lead to problems like pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, an infection of the inner lining of your heart known as endocarditis, or even birth defects.

Moreover, signs of decay in your mouth can be signs of diseases and immunocompromising problems like diabetes, HIV/AIDS, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s.

So, getting regular dental check-ups and taking care of your oral hygiene year-round is extremely important to not only prevent disease but also catch early signs of overall health problems.

A lifelong healthy smile means lifelong confidence.

Moreover, a healthy smile all your life will allow you to maintain confidence. No one wants to smile with a mouth full of tooth decay.

You can also save lots of money on dental procedures by keeping your mouth healthy, so you will have the confidence to spend your money on other pursuits, instead of on your mouth.

How can you keep up with your dental hygiene?

Check out this oral hygiene infographic, courtesy of Hawkins Family Dental, which reveals 7 different hacks to help you with dental hygiene.

As you can see from this infographic, dental hygiene does not have to be difficult, but it needs to become a habit.

To make dental hygiene easier, you can incorporate antibacterial foods into your diet, break up your flossing to different times of the day, set reminders to drink more water, and even purchase fun hygiene products like an electric toothbrush or water flosser.

Whatever habits you decide to take on, make sure you do whatever you can daily to promote your oral hygiene.

Then, you’ll never have to worry about another dental hygiene lecture at your dentist’s office again!

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