How to Keep and Save Carpet from Getting Dirty

Keep Carpet from Getting Dirty

People have been using carpets on the floor for many years. The carpet is a luxurious, comfortable, and floor decor item. Carpet retains airborne dust particles, absorbs sounds, is best for kids playing, cozy and comfortable for naked feet. It also improves the home’s indoor look and protects from germs. It comes in various sizes, designs, and synthetic fiber.

But it gets very dirty in few days if you will not take care of it properly. What are the things that make the carpet dirty and you have to clean it every week? The following are the top 5 things that make it dirty.

1. Dust

The first thing that does the carpet very dirty is dust. It enters from outside to our home through windows, foot shoes, winds, and dusty things. So always close your home windows when speedy winds blow. Keep your shoe and other footwear outside the home or clean them before entering the home. Don’t bring the items near the carpet that have dust and soil. 

2. Liquid spill on the carpet

It is the second most cause of dirty carpet. The kids or parents may spill tea, milk, coffee, juice, or any other liquid or food on the carpet by mistake. That is not easy to clean as well. So avoid eating and wondering with any liquid around your floor carpet. 

3. Pets

Our personal pets like dogs, cats, or any other pet animals can also make the carpet dirty with their hair, saliva, potty, urine, or bugs. The pet starts rubbing their skin and hair when they feel itching. So keep your pets clean and pest-free.

4. Bacteria and Germs

The most dangerous thing in today’s time, germs like Coronavirus. To avoid illness that spreads from bacteria, hidden germs, dead skin cells, sneezing or cough drops, and dust, wash your carpet every week or use a vacuum cleaner to clean it professionally. Germs can enter the carpet in many ways.

5. Floor mold and moisture

If your floor has mold and moisture, it may also make dirty to your carpet. The carpet becomes smelly and fades due to moisture and mold spots. Either repair your floor or don’t install the carpet on such floor. Install tiles and marble on your floor to avoid mold and moisture.

6. Professional Cleaning

Most people clean their carpets using detergents or vacuum cleaners at home.  But if still, you don’t satisfy with your work or you don’t have time to wash and clean the carpet yourself, ask a carpet cleaning Melbourne or any surrounding carpet cleaner. A carpet cleaner can give a professional-grade deep carpet cleaning at least once every year.

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