Considerations on Mounting Your TV to a Wall

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Mounting-TV-to-WallAs one of the most populated cities in Australia, Brisbane is known for having a diverse population with easy access to the business district and pleasant weather all year round. Compared to the other populated cities, like Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane gives you a glimpse of the local Australian culture. In this city, you get to immerse with nature and find some of the country’s native species, enjoy a fun shopping scene, and explore beautiful beaches.

Living with Brisbane indeed comes with its set of advantages. If you have considered moving to this city, the first challenge will involve finding the right home. The second challenge will then be designing your space to make it your dream home. Though designing may sound like a fun task, it can undoubtedly become a tedious project that takes up much of your time. One of the appliances that typically requires careful thought is your television. In a way, it serves as the “centrepiece” of your living room, where people gather round.

When it comes to determining where your television goes, you will typically choose between a cabinet or TV wall mounting in Brisbane. If you are planning to mount your television, here are a few considerations that you need to know.

Wall Strength

Before you jump into hiring a professional to mount your tv, you have to know if your wall is sturdy enough to hold the appliance up. Though modern televisions are much lighter than the traditional ones, they are still heavy, especially when they are mounted. As a result, you will have to find a spot that has studs to anchor the screws. Additionally, make sure you do not mount your television above the fireplace. Doing this can pose risks since electronics do not mesh well with heat.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of your television is one of the most important considerations to make in TV wall mounting, Brisbane. Choosing a spot that is too high or too low can seriously affect your and other people’s viewing experience. However, pinpointing that one perfect spot is not always the easiest to do. Therefore, you can consider getting an adjustable mount that allows you to rotate your television to many angles. This way, you can adjust it based on your sitting position and enjoy your show no matter where you sit.

Port Location

Before you mount your television, check for the location of its ports to see if it is accessible once it is hung on the wall. If the ports are at the back of the device, make sure you get a wall mount that can telescope outwards, so you can still access the ports. This is particularly important if you are planning to connect devices to your television most of the time. Otherwise, you may have to go through the hassle of unmounting the television every time you need access to its ports.

Access to Tools

You will need access to the right tools to mount your television successfully. A stud finder, a drill, and screwdriver are only some of the many things you need to prepare. Thus, if you do not have these tools or knowledge of how to operate these tools, it will be better to contact a professional to help you.

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