Date of National Flag Raising and Hoisting in Different Countries


Every country in the world has its own unique national flag that represents, a sign of pride and symbolizes a given nation. A national flag has colors, symbols, and signs that represent the country’s values and ethics. Many people like to place a flag in office, homes, schools, colleges, and cars. 

A national flag can be placed anywhere but it is raised and hoisted on special occasions by every country. There are specific days, dates, and times when these countries hoist the flag and show their power. 

Date and Time of National Flag Hoisting in Different Countries


State Date Occasion
Abkhazia 23 July Republic Flag Day
Afghanistan 7 August National Flag’s Day
Argentina 20 June National Flag Day is on the anniversary of Manuel Belgrano, who designed and created this flag.
Armenia 15 June Celebrated the day because the law on the flag was passed.
Australia 3 September The national flag was first hoisted, on September 3, 1901
Bolivia 17 August Celebration of the creation of the Bolivian flag
Brazil 19 November  
Canada 15 February National Flag of Canada Day
Colombia 7 August The Battle of Boyaca and created of the Colombian flag
Denmark 5 September Ceremony of Danish veterans
Ecuador 26 September Adoption of the Ecuadorian national flag
Finland 24 April Midsummer’s Day
Georgia 14 January Georgian State National Flag Day
Greece 27 October The day just before Ohi Day
India 15 August Independent Day
Italy 7 January Tricolour Day
Mexico 24 February National Flag Day in Mexico
Netherlands 18 March Flag Day and National Anthem
New Zealand October 22  
Peru 7 June Celebration of the Battle of Arica
Philippines 28 May Polish National Flag Day
Russia 22 August Day of a victory over putschists
Serbia 15 September the National Flag, Day of Serb Unity, and Freedom
Somalia 12 October Adoption of the national flag
Sweden 6 June Flag Day and National Day of Sweden
Thailand 28 September Nation-religion-king
Ukraine 23 August Day of a National Flag
United Arab Emirates 3 November Remembering the efforts of Sheikh Rashid and Sheikh Zayed
United States 14 June The day honoring the national flag
Venezuela 3 August Celebration of the 1st hoisting of the flag

So these are the day when flag day is celebrated according to their tradition and culture. Our national flag teaches us to stay in unity, country love, pride, and respect the country’s constitution. Ultimate flags may be available in online in different sizes and materials that can be the best for your home and office.

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