Diamonds Interior Designers

Diamonds Are the Best Friends of Interior Designers

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Diamonds Interior Designers

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds aren’t just great as jewelry. Their unique shape and texture make them ideal for interior design too.

Diamonds can add a degree of versatility to your home décor. They also add a touch of sophistication to your existing designs.

So, they can be a part of a theme or feature here and there as elegant touches. Let’s see how interior designers can incorporate diamonds into their work.

Decorative Diamond Accessories

One way to incorporate diamonds into home décor is by using decorative diamonds. These accessories are perfect for anyone wishing to add some glitz and glamor to their home.

Interior designers often sprinkle decorative diamonds across living spaces. But, they ensure to do so without it appearing outlandish.

Many people use decorative diamonds for bridal showers and other celebrations. But, these are great as interior décor pieces too.

But, not everyone can afford to add diamonds to their décor choices. There is a solution to this, though.

The trick is to feature them in other ways.

A designer won’t need to use real diamonds as décor pieces, though. Some of the best lab created diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

You could use some of these diamonds as table scatter or to fill glass jars. The sparkly effect created by these diamonds can liven up your dining table.

The cut and texture of these diamonds are the same as those of mined diamonds. So, they can lend a luxurious feel to your interior home design.

Diamond-Patterned Sheets and Tablecloths

Diamonds have an interesting geometric shape that makes for a great pattern. Interior designers often feature this pattern in curtains and upholstery.

But, it’s also a good idea to feature them in your sheets. Diamond-patterned fabrics are all the rage now.

You’ll find them on everything from tablecloths to bedsheets. Designers use them like this to add a dimension to your home décor.

Many restaurants feature tablecloths with diamonds printed on them. But, they can be useful for tables in your home, too.

Diamond-printed tablecloths look great, but they can look even better if you sew them on. Sewn diamonds on sheets to add extra texture and dimension to your sheets or tablecloths.

Many home décor stores feature vintage and modern designs for diamond sheets. These sheets aren’t always expensive.

But, you should know that printed sheets can be cheaper than those with diamonds sewn on them.

As for sheets, diamond patterns are a good option there too. Sheets, blankets, and duvets in neutral colors are good.

Diamond-patterned duvets and sheets feature different diamond shapes printed or sewn on them. Designers can choose whichever pattern suits your décor theme.

Also, remember to match the color of your pillows and throw pillows with your sheets. Consistency in design can help your diamond sheets stand out.

It can also create a great effect in your bedroom. Remember not to overdo it, though.

If you have diamond-patterned sheets and pillows, don’t feature the same on accessories.

For instance, you don’t need diamond-patterned lampshades to match your sheets. Crowding your décor with the same motif can appear a little overwhelming.

Diamond-Shaped Lights

Another way interior designers feature diamonds in their décor is through diamond-shaped lights.

Designers often choose diamond-shaped lights and other accessories to jazz up living spaces.

After all, nothing spells class like the elegant, clear-cut diamond shape. Diamond-shaped lights come in different types.

These are available as overhead lights, floor lights, and table-top lamps. An interior designer will choose whichever suits your room the best.

Some lights feature diamond shapes in their design. Others feature them as part of their design.

For instance, some lights come in a diamond shape from top to bottom with a bulb or bulbs inside them. So, the entire light is reminiscent of a diamond.

In other cases, diamonds are one part of a lamp. For instance, in a table-top lamp, only the shade might have a diamond cut.

This shade could consist of any material your designer feels fits into your décor theme.

Diamond lamps are sculptural lamps, so they work as pieces of home décor and lighting. In this way, these lamps combine functionality with creativity.

A great advantage of diamond-shaped lamps is that they are symmetrical or asymmetrical.

You could even use large asymmetrical diamond lamps to frame other accessories. These accessories could include mirrors and wall paintings.

Lamps can add a glow and an extra layer of décor to your accessories in this way.

Interior designers often use these lamps as standalone pieces. So, these lamps catch the eye regardless of whether they’re on or off.

Such lamps come in different colors and materials. Some consist of wood, while others feature metals.

Your designer will choose the lamps based on your home aesthetic. The same goes for your other accessories and fixtures.

Diamond-Shaped Rugs

Like tablecloths and sheets, interior designers use diamond shapes on the rug too. The advantage of using rugs is that they’re pretty versatile.

You have three options if you want a diamond rug for your home. One, you have the entire rug shaped like a diamond.

It could be a traditional or asymmetrical diamond shape. Your designer will choose the shape and size of your rug based on the size of your room.

They’ll also consider the other design of the furniture you have in a room before they choose the rug. Often, they choose a rug that matches the color palette of your furniture, wall paint, or curtains.

Another way to add diamonds to rugs is to have patchwork rugs with diamond cut-outs sewn together.

This rug type can lend an Eastern edge to your home design. You could even have quilts featuring a similar patchwork design. But, the design should flatter your décor.

Patchwork rugs are great because you can feature differently-colored diamonds in them. The different diamonds are sewn together to give the rug a more layered appearance.

If you don’t fancy patchwork, you could use diamond-printed rugs instead. An interior designer with a keen eye for prints can find one that sits well with your furniture.


Interior designers enjoy featuring diamonds in home décor in several ways. These décor ideas are elegant and edgy, which isn’t true for all home designs.

The best designers add diamonds to home interiors without straying from your theme. So, the diamonds melt into your theme while also making a statement all by themselves.

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