What if My Husband Wants a Divorce But I Don’t What Can I do?

Husband Wants a Divorce

When your husband demands a divorce, but you don’t, it turns your whole world upside down. Whether he demands it after a fight, continuously for several times, or for the first time, it hurts equally, and you may feel anger, panic, and pull at the same time. In this case, the spouse will retreat even more if you plead and beg them not to proceed with this step.

However, after several attempts of saving your relationship, you may eventually leave hope and move with the proceedings too. But there are several steps that you can take when your husband wants a divorce, but you don’t and want to save your marriage. You can even consult with divorce lawyers to discuss the matters with them.

Things To Do When Your Husband Wants Divorce, And You Don’t:

There is every possibility of saving your relationship if your spouse says that there aren’t sure about proceeding for a divorce.

1. Don’t Over-Focus to Read Your Spouse

If you are not sure that your partner wants a divorce, don’t try to over-focus and read your spouse’s mind to know your position. This will generally drive you crazy and give you more anxiety. Instead, try to focus more on your choices and decisions.

2. Contact Without Pressure

Instead of pressuring your spouse to save the marriage, try to establish contact without pressuring your choices and decisions on them. Avert from talking only about your relationship each time you start a conversation and instead try to understand what they want and their preferences over the future of your marriage.

3. Don’t Withdraw

To save the marriage, some may plead, request, or even beg in front of their spouse. However, try to control your anxiety and manage the situations to avert Grimm surrendering to these conditions.

4. Work On Yourself

Instead of depending on your spouse, start working and improving yourself. Find comfort and happiness in doing the things you love, spend more time with your friends and family members. You can try new habits and stick to specific spiritual practices and find goals to achieve. Adopt these habits and get to make yourself a better person.

5. Talk With a Counselor

If you find it hard to manage all the stress and anxiety due to the demand for divorce, try talking with a counsellor who may help you resolve the issue. You can also consult your issue with divorce lawyers and get the best suggestions regarding your matter.


When the partner demands a divorce and you are not willing on the situation is a difficult time to handle. But following these matters can help manage the situation tactfully without taking much stress. With the help of an advanced lawyer who is an expert field, it becomes very easy to get hold of the cases. The professionals can help in managing all your queries in one go easily.

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