10 Essential Plugins for WordPress Websites

Essential Plugins WordPress Websites

So, you have a great business idea, and you are already well into creating a comprehensive business plan, with a cool design concept for your WordPress platform. Of course, WordPress is the best application for a company website self-build, as it is very versatile and easy to use, and in order to help with the project, here are some must-have plugins to use on your platform.

1. WPForms

This is one way that users can interact with you and there are some great templates to create contact forms, email forms, and payment forms. The plugin can integrate with all payment gateways and there are powerful features, such as journey and geographical tracking; the lite version is for simple tasks, while the pro version is ideal for complex structures.

2. MemberPress

A great plugin for creating online communities, MemberPress is the best membership plugin that integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and all the other payment platforms. Features include course management, certification, and a good set of member rules.

3. WP Rocket

The last thing you need is a website that loads slowly; the WP Rocket plugin optimises your site, making pages load quickly. Automated solutions mean you don’t need to be a techie; pre-cache loading is one handy tool that works silently in the background.

4. All In One SEO

More than 3 million websites make great use of All in One SEO, which can attract search engine traffic to your platform and it helps to create an XML sitemap, optimise for social media, and generate titles and meta descriptions. If you want a slick, professional website, there are custom WordPress web development services from a leading agency.

5. Sucuri

Web security is obviously critical and this slick firewall is really all you need. The plugin also speeds up the platform and self-generates a CDN layer without you doing anything. Of the many firewall plugins, Sucuri offers the best overall protection, and we recommend you use this top-rated plugin for the best web security.

6. PushEngage

This empowers you in many ways, you can directly push notifications to site users, which develops customer engagement. This is new browser tech that gives you the chance to send messages to site users automatically, which is something we couldn’t do a year ago.

7. SearchWP

This amazing plugin enables site visitors to search your content and what’s more, it indexes custom fields, PDF documents, and product attributes. Search metrics assist site visitors to find what they are looking for and most websites have some form of content search engine.

8. SemRush

It’s a digital marketing toolkit that has powerful tools to help with SEO and social media marketing. Examples of features include keyword research, and auditing backlinks, while you can also discover the most popular social media posts.

9. LiveChat

Ideal for shopping cart websites, this plugin enables a user to chat with a staff member in real time, something that people prefer to leave messages. What isn’t to like about LiveChat? This is the best way to provide real-time support and that’s why LiveChat is so popular.

10. WPML

If you need multiple languages on your site, WPML is the plugin you need. Using this plugin, you can easily add languages, with a drop-down menu for the alternative languages.

So, there you have it, the top 10 plugins for WordPress that will empower your business.


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