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10 Exercise that You Can Do Without Gym Equipment at Home

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Exercise, workout, yoga and gym, all provide physical and mental health benefits. We can perform yoga without any equipment. But people prefer to go to the gym for better physic and muscular body. As we know a gym is a large room with many types of equipment for doing physical workouts or exercise. You will have to go gym regularly if you want to build a strong body in good shape.

But many people don’t have much time to go gym daily and do exercise. Is there any way to build your muscle and keep yourself fit? Yes, the following are the exercises that you can do without gym equipment at home.

10 Exercises at Home Without Equipment

You can archive good fitness at home, doing exercise in a daily routine and just using your own body weight.

Side Plank – Right and Left

Side Plank Exercise

This exercise increase body balance strengthens the back,  neck, leg muscles, and reduces the risk of a back injury.

Leg Raise

This exercise very helpful to lose weight from the lower abdomen and the legs. Legs raise workout also effective for strengthens muscles, lower abs, strengthen legs, hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles.

legs raise abs exercise

Plank with Knee Dips

A bodyweight exercise that improves posture, preventing injuries, running faster, strengthens the abdominal and chest muscles.

Plank with Knee Dips

Jumping Jack exercise

Jumping Jack workout is a full-body workout that primarily beneficial for major muscle groups – legs, arms, shoulders, feet, improves cardiovascular health, and strengthens bones.

Jumping Jack exercise


Pushups are the best exercise for building upper body muscles and strength. Push-ups improve the triceps, chest, shoulders, pectoral muscles, and strengthen the lower back.

push-ups exercise without gym

Ab Crunches Variations

Ab crunches variations exercise very effective for gain abs. It makes abdominal and back muscles storage.

abs crunches variations exercise

Cross to Forward Mountain Climbers

This mountain climbers exercise improves running speed, abs, ramp up heart rate, engage the core and upper arms.

Cross to Forward Mountain Climbers

Half Burpee Jump Squat

The half burpee exercise works on arms, legs, back, core, chest, glutes, and feet.

Half Burpee Jump Squat

Narrow Squat Variations

It is the improved version of the simple squat. Narrow squat variations workout strengthens your core & muscles of your lower body, injury-free exercise, burn calories, and more.

narrow squat variations workout

All the above exercises are very helpful for physical and mental health, anyone can perform them easily at home, and you do not need to go anywhere. You will just need fitness accessories like an exercise mat, sportswear a costume, sports shoes, and a water bottle. You do not need any gym equipment. You can perform these exercises using your own bodyweight and stretching your body.

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