The Good Effects of Playing Video Games

Good Effects Playing Video GamesThe Philippines is one of the top countries in Southeast Asia when it comes to gaming. It is included at the “Big Six” countries in SEA for eSports along with Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

While video games are thought of as an enjoyable pastime and fun activity, below are the good effects of playing video games.

It improves your eyesight

Staring too much at the screens with flashing lights is thought to harm our eyes. However, playing video games actually improves our eyesight.

In 2009, a study was conducted among groups of gamers who love playing first-person shooting games and those who play slow-paced games. The study revealed that action video games enhance our ability, which is known as the contrast sensitivity function. This ability helps you identify the different shades of grey on a coloured backdrop; this is helpful, especially while driving during the night.

It enhances learning

Research has found that your brain flexibility can be enhanced by playing some video games. Real-time strategy games require player input and continuous thinking. So, the gamers who are playing these kinds of games can manage more information sources while playing; this enhances their cognitive flexibility.

It improves hand-eye coordination

Many professions need better hand-eye coordination compared to the regular person. Surgeons rely on this ability to deliver a successful operation and to make sure that they won’t scratch vital organs or arteries.

Virtual surgeries are now required to train most aspiring surgeons. A study shows that playing video games at least two hours a day enhances hand-eye coordination. Some gamers even said that racing simulation games helped them in getting their driver’s licence.

It helps treat depression

Researchers in New Zealand found that psychiatrists can use video games to treat depression and other mental disorders. They used SPARX, a video game that is designed to provide therapy to patients in an approach that is more enjoyable and active compared to regular counselling.

The game requires gamers to create avatars to fight off virtual enemies that represent negative, gloomy thoughts. According to their research, SPARX is an excellent alternative to regular care for adolescents that show symptoms of depression in primary care settings. It could also be used to deal with some of the unmet demand for treatment.

Even Visiting a local game zone in the Philippines, can alleviate the blues. Being around fellow gamers and having friendly competitions is a great outlet for negative emotions. At present, the gaming industry in the country is booming. The country has tons of gamers of different ages and genders; this is the reason why there are also tons of game zones in the Philippines.

It slows down aging

One of the things that you cannot stop is your age. While people believe that they get wiser as they get older, natural problems occur as a sign of aging.

While regular exercise could keep your body in shape, it is also essential to do the same with your brain. A study shows that playing video games is like a workout to your brain; it helps your mind to stay sharp. According to their findings, 10 hours of playing video games is enough to slow aging by several years.

While playing video games offers positive benefits, it is important to play in moderation. Moreover, playing video games in arcade centres can help you make new friends. There are many game zones in the Philippines where you can play fantastic video games, meet friends, and win prizes!

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