How to Start an Action Figure Collection

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Start-Action-Figure-CollectionThe inclination to collect toys is connected to a person’s childhood experiences. Usually, people will collect toys that are connected to their favourite movies or TV shows. Action figures can easily bring back childhood memories of watching or playing video games. This is one reason why some people spend a great deal on collecting action figures.

Regardless of the reason, deciding to collect action figures may have several challenges for the collector. Here are some of the tips to remember when starting an action figure collection.

Decide on What You Want to Collect

Unless you have unlimited space and money, you cannot possibly collect every action figure that comes out in the market. It will be easier if you know what you would like to collect. However, this may become challenging. You might have decided to collect action figures from one memorable movie that you watched during your childhood but change your mind after realising that you want to collect something else.

Are You Collecting the Whole Team or Just One Character?

It is also necessary to consider how far your collection will be. For example, are you planning to collect all Marvel superheroes, or are you just going to collect different action figures of only one hero? When you have decided that you aim to get as many Marvel superheroes that you can get, you should also consider the manufacturer of the action figures. Different manufacturers produce action figures that differ in sizes and quality. Collectibles like funko pop vinyl action figures, for example, are action figures that have an enlarged head as compared to the rest of the body. Some people like to have their action figure collection from only one manufacturer to have uniformity in style and quality. However, others would like to have a diverse collection.

To Open or Not Open the Original Packaging

Another thing to consider when collecting action figures is whether to take them out of the box. When you open the original packaging, the toy’s value instantly reduces by as much as 75 percent. However, when you keep the action figure in the box, you will not be able to display them with a great pose. Therefore, it is important to decide if you want the item as an investment that you can sell in the future or one that you can play with. If you have enough money, buy two of each kind. One is to keep in the original packaging and serve as an investment, the other, to play with.

Build Your Collection Slowly

When you begin your action figure collection, restrain yourself from splurging money to build up your collection immediately. Unless you have enough money to afford a complete collection in one purchase, try to build your collection one item at a time. Make a new action figure purchase as a reward for an accomplished milestone. This way, you get to set goals for yourself, and your collecting hobby will be more enjoyable.

Always Inspect Your Purchase

Whether you are buying a new item or a pre-loved one, it is always important to first inspect the action figures before purchasing them. Check to see if all the limbs are intact, and the paint is still fresh. When possible, try to complete all the accessories that come with the action figure to add more value to it.

When starting an action figure collection, it is also important to attend toy conventions if available in your area. This will allow you to meet with fellow toy collectors and compare your collection with theirs.

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